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Before this conversation I hadn't talked with Sam about anal sex. I invited her to be on the Sexplanations Podcast and gave her the topic but we didn't say anything else. When we sat down to record it was really fun to hear how much she had to share about her own experiences, her interest in anal porn, and her feelings on negotiating anal in future relationships. We also talked about vibrators, masturbation, healthy lifestyles, meditation, pussy massage, trauma, and the difference between g-spots and prostates. Hopefully this episode serves as a model for how to talk about sexuality, specifically anal play. Anal is growing in popularity and traditional sex education hasn't kept us. We need resources like the Sexplanations Podcast to serve as a resource for people who are curious and or experimenting. If you're able to help support our project please go to

SEXtra Credit: Look into a somatic body meditation. What is your body trying to tell you? A second assignment is to try a finger in your anus or someone else's with permission.
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