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(0:43) If you're watching right now, I don't know how you found me because I can't figure out how to show myself off, which is what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to figure out how to do that- Content. Live? Now. Done! Done. I did it, I think. I think I did it. 

I know that I'm in the wrong aspect ratio. Uh, 54 watching now. I don't know if it's live live. It is live live, I'm live live?! I'm live live! Look at that! Um. The aspect ratio is all screwy. I apologize for that. I'm actually waiting right now- (hears playback of video)- Ah. Excellent. Excellent news.

Um, I'm.. way lagged, according to what I just watched. Several, like 30 seconds or so behind, maybe more than that. Um. I just made my video live on Vlogbrothers, so um, I'm gonna load that to see if that's live- it is. 9 views. Um. (hears playback of video) That's the video, you just heard it. There are people. There are 85 people watching. There are people saying they're excited. I'm getting my Skype situation set up with... Yes, I have a broadcast link that you can circulate with the Harry Potter Alliance so that they know what's up.

I'm gonna tweet that link. What's.. Twitter. I forgot how Twitter works. Um. And as you may or may not know, right now I am live-streaming because of the yearly Harry Potter Alliance fundraiser! They just got finished featuring my man Alex Day...

Uh.. (speaking what he's typing) '"Watch me on the Harry Potter Alliance Equality FTW Live Show'". Oh. On "my", "my" not "the", "my"! It's my show! (types) Okay. So that's now there, maybe I should put  it on Tumblr as well? I don't know. Tumblr's where it's at. Right? So. Let's see. 49 new co- Update automatically, I think will be the proper situation. Um.. for this.

Hokay. Could bat- Batman could beat Harry Potter. In a bacon fight. So we've got 131 people watching now. Let's get- let's get Tumblr. Let's get Tumblr involved, you guys. I know my aspect ratio is off, I'm embarrassed about it. Am I still, am I still goin'? Yeah I'm still goin'. I should just turn the audio off. So I can make sure I'm actually still functioning here. Yes! "You are live" - yay.!

This thing says that my streaming status is bad, I don't know what that means. Um, it seems fine to me. My streaming status is uh, 4x3 stretched from a 16x9 inch, I'm a huge fan of. I'm (?) (4:05) Everybody can hear me. I can hear me, so I assume everybody else can. Aaaand... I don't think that this will embed as a video, so I'm just gonna say - (types).

(4:40) Just talking to Tumblr you guys. I know. Okay! So...

(4:56) This is very slowly going out to Vlogbrothers subscribers. It's been viewed 199 times so far, so that means it's not hit the sub boxes yet. I should add a description here. At the very least, just add the Indiegogo page. Now I've got 342 people watching. What is the Twitter hashtag? I don't know! It's the pound sign on the phone. That's the Twitter hashtag.

I need um... I need- I've realized, in the thirteen seconds that I've been doing this, that I really should have a drink. So I'm gonna go get a drink. Um, I'll be right back! Sorry! We're- we're gonna start- we're gonna start a couple minutes late, 'cause I need a drink! (Hank leaves the room)

(6:15) I'm okay. It's fine. Everything's fine. I'm back! Maybe I should refresh to see if I can- ooh, it's lag. That's a lot of lag.

I got - oooh, I shuck it up on the way upstairs! I got a caffeine-free Coke. These didn't exist - I know that this is not a can- this is not a livestream promoting the consumption of Coca Cola products. Look at my cat tower! Sorry, I'm looking at the lagged livestream. So you were looking at my - my cat tower.

I'm not that chubby, by the way. That is uh, just the aspect ratio being wrong, and I couldn't fix that. I tried. Something's weird in my audio? Your right speaker isn't playing?! That doesn't make any sense at all. Um, but! I can solve that problem. If one of your speakers is playing, then that's enough.

So- so here's what I got. This is not an advertisement for Coca Cola. This is an advertisement for Equality For The Win. So don't go buy Coca Cola. Instead, take that money that you would spend on Coca Cola, and get an amazing perk. But I do wanna say that I've been waiting my whole life caffeine-free non-diet Coke. And it has been really annoying for me that I can't get Coke that has sugar and no caffeine. Finally, we're there! We have achieved my ideal situation, which is full sugar - I would like to, you know, take in all of this terrible, terrible stuff that I am sure will kill me in the end, without the caffeine! 'Cause that freaks my body out.

So! It's uh- oh, it's so good. We've got 750 people. I feel like that's pretty good. My Skype just pinged, so I assume (video plays back in the background) Ahhh, shh! Geez, who was that guy?! Um... Okay.

(8:32) So here's the situation. I'm gonna- uh, I've just saved the description. and also the Indiegogo page which is linked in the description. If you go- now, we can look at some of the things that are available right now, to us. And you're going to be amazed!

So first of all, we've got- in the thumbnail, we've got Evanna Lynch and Paul DeGeorge, and Jo in the background there. This is Harry- Paul DeGeorge is the founder of the Harry Potter Alliance- one of the founders of the Harry Potter Alliance. And um, and then there's Evanna, who is Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. Luna is my favorite character! I don't make a secret of that! Um, they are a verified non-profit organization by Indiegogo. Um, so your donations are tax-deductible, though who cares really? Let's be honest.

There are a number of things available for the people of the world who have- who are going to donate to Equality For The Win. Of which, I assume, a fair number of the 926 of you watching right now, will be- will be among. They include- this includes- I'm just gonna go through the perks. Is that okay? There's a lot of pretty cool perks. Um.

We've got uh, fan activism panel. Anyone with interest in joining our real-world Dumbledore's Army should consider this perk. The HPA's approach to social change is so novel that we have become a focus-study for many experts in the field of civic engagement. This one-panel discussion brings together luminaries in that field, including Henry Jenkins, the HPA's own Andrew Slack and other experts for a talk on fan-based activism and a question and A. Broadcast-date to be announced.

Also, uh, $10, you get a wizard rock compilation which includes from people like, uh, me! Also Tonks and the Aurors, The Whomping Willows and more! Uh, so yeah! It's a Wizards and Muggles Rock For Social Justice, for only $10! 77 people have claimed that perk.

For $15, you get the Potter Puppet Pals digital EP. Those of you who have been on Tumblr recently may have seen that my reblog that the Potter Puppet Pals have been in the studio, working their little fuzzy butts off, trying to make the best album possible. It's a digital EP from the Potter Puppet Pals, where they jam out to the sou- (laughs) where you will jam out to the sound of puppets. Featuring songs from classic videos, nice studio recordings of songs that were previously only heard on stage, and some surprises! A dance-mix of Mysterious Ticking Noise? Snape doing some harpsichord solos in a dungeon?! Who knows?! Ma- master puppeteer and songwriter, Neil Cicierega is hard at work making sure this EP will be amazing, and... kind of catchy!

(11:15) For $15, you can get the Maureen Johnson John Green fanfic. Somehow, the Harry Potter Alliance convinced Maureen Johnson to write some John Green fan-fiction. What does that even mean?! Will it be thrift shopping adventure with Radar's parents as they search for more black Santas? Will she introduce us to a third person named Will Grayson? Will it explore John Green's difficult relation with unicorns? Only donors will find out when a PDF of this story arrives in their inbox. 99 people nearly 100 have claimed this perk--in fact I want to refresh right now and see if it had gotten to 100 because I-I feel like it really should have. It hasn't!! $15 you guys and you can be the 100th person to claim it.  Now for $20, you can get John Green's The Price of Dawn, or rather an excerpt.  John Green will be providing the Harry Potter Alliance with an exclusive excerpt from The Price of Dawn, the book that Augustus gets Hazel in The Fault in our Stars. (12:05)