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Derek ( and Henry ( try to answer the question I asked in today's vlogbrothers video. They actually, combined, do pretty well, but only because of math...and Rent.
Hank (off-camera): Derek, I have a question.

Derek: Yeah, hit me.

Hank (off-camera): When was it a million seconds ago?

Derek: It's very difficult for me to say, but I do kind of remember, I do kind of remember from that Rent musical like (singing) "five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, a year in the life. How about, love?" 

-Hank laughing off-camera-

Derek: How many seconds would that be, that would be like, um, times sixty so five- um that's three million so I'm, I'm saying like roughly three years ago. That would be a hun- a million seconds ago would be three years ago.

Hank (off-camera): You're doing, you've done something very wrong.

Henry: Based on the data Derek has provided for me that, that basically-

Derek (off-camera): Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

Henry: Lets just call it five hundred thousand, or half a million. So half a million minutes is a year. A million minutes would be two years. A million seconds, then, would be two years divided by sixty. 

Hank (off-camera): There you go.

Henry: Which would be much less than three years, I believe (looking at Derek off-camera) If I've done my maths right.

Derek (off-camera): Okay.. well...

Hank (off-camera): Henry didn't sing did he?

Derek (off-camera): Yeah!

Henry: I didn't sing, I apologize. So that's.. that's what? Like, um...
like two weeks? Something like that?

Derek (off-camera): Why are you asking this question?

Hank (off-camera): It's about two weeks.