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Hank Green Shares Best Pick-Up Line & Secret Talent! (VIDCON 2014)
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Hank Green, the co-creator of VidCon alongside his brother John, chatted us up at the Hollywire Red Carpet Stage where we convinced him to join us for another edition of the Hollywire Hot Seat.
Hank treated us to his best pick-up line, revealed his secret talent, busted out some dance moves, and talked all about his biggest pet peeve!!

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Hank Green Shares Best Pick-Up Line & Secret Talent! (VIDCON 2014) | Hollywire


Chelsea: Um, okay, we're gonna do a fun little game!

Hank: Okay, game!

Chelsea: Alright, hot seat game! I'm gonna ask you a series of questions, say the first answer that comes to mind! Ready?

Hank: Yeah!

Chelsea: (pauses) I just wanted to see your "ready" face! (laughs)

Hank: I'm just concentrating very hard!

Chelsea: I know-

Hank: I'm trying not to think about all the things that are going wrong at VidCon right now!

Chelsea: (laughing) Nothing is! It's all smoo-

Hank: Uh huh! Yeah, I'm sure! It's a big conference! If there's 10,000 things that could go wrong, one of them will.

Chelsea: Something's gonna go wrong.

Hank: Yeah! (laughing)

Chelsea: But this interview's going so right!

Hank: Okay!

Chelsea: So it doesn't matter.

Hank: Good! Good.

Chelsea: Uh. Three tips to survive VidCon!

Hank: Uh, hand sanitizer. Talk to strangers.

Chelsea: Okay!

Hank: It's one of the places where it's safe to do that. And it's really like- you know, the people around you are probably into some of the same things you are! Uh, is my guess. Sleep at least three hours a night. I'm not gonna ask too much of you!

Chelsea: Not more, not less.

Hank: But if you can get three, that would be really great.

Chelsea: Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr?

Hank: Tumblr!

Chelsea: Okay! (crowd cheers) Some Tumblr fans! What is your current pump-up jam?

Hank: Supersonic - that Queen song.

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: Yeah, I don't think that's what it's called, but that one.

Chelsea: But I like it!

Hank: Yeah, no, that one gets me going.

(Hank and Chelsea laugh)

Chelsea: Biggest pet peeve?

Hank: People who complain all the time!

Chelsea: No good! No bueno. Guilty pleasure TV show?

Hank: Inuyasha

(crows cheers)

Chelsea: Oooh, nice! Worst pick-up line you've ever used?

Hank: Oh (laughs) I've only dated like, three people. I did once invite a girl to watch a shuttle launch with me at a lake. I lived in Orlando, and so I went to a lake where we could watch the shuttle launch, and we totally made out. It was awesome.

Chelsea: Hey, hey, look at- high five for you!

Hank: It worked! Yeah, but it was like a super long like, creepy letter. (Chelsea laughs) It was like a two page long letter, and at the end I-well, yeah.

Chelsea: Hey, whatever-

Hank: I was like, I'd never talked to her before and I sent her a handwritten two-page-long letter. That's not the way to go! (Chelsea laughs) Just 'cause it worked for me, does not mean it would work for you.

Chelsea: I love it. Most prized possession?

Hank: I have a like, first-edition set of the Mars trilogy, which is a really nerdy answer... But if like, my house got robbed, I think that's mostly what I would miss. Also like, the hard-drive that has all my pictures on it, you know?

Chelsea: Aww, that's great!

Hank: That, or like, wherever it is in the cloud, you know. I don't wanna lose my pictures.

Chelsea: That's great! Memories! Um, secret talent?

Hank: Can you hold this?

Chelsea: Yep! Oooh, I'm excited!

Hank: I can do a full lotus without touching my legs!

Chelsea: Ooooh!

Hank: Uh, I usually can!

Chelsea: Under pressure!

Hank: Ahh, ahh, ahh! My feet are too heavy, I feel like.

Chelsea: Wait-

Hank: Yeah, so- yeah, I- I think my shoes are too big, maybe, is the problem I'm having? (Chelsea laughs) Well yeah, I have very- I'm very flexible this way. But then I can't like touch my toes. (crowd laughs) It's really- it's embarrassing.

Chelsea: I'm really impressed!

Hank: Yeah.

Chelsea: That's not what I thought you were gonna do!

Hank: What'd you think I- yodel or something?

Chelsea: I don't know! I thought you were gonna like, wiggle your ears or something. Can you do that? (laughs) No!

Chelsea: How about go-to dance move?

Hank: It's hard without music, but I really like dancing. I'm-

Chelsea: Can you do it sitting down?

Hank: I do a lot of like, kicking of my feet-

Chelsea: Okay!

Hank: And- it's sort of like the Charles- I did used to do swing dance, and I also used break-dance a little bit. I have had many different things that I've done (laughs). So I will often do swing dance moves, uh, in like hip-hop dance. And people will be like, what did you just do?! That was awesome! That was like a super awesome hip-hop move! And I'm like, no it wasn't! I just bootied it up a little bit.

Chelsea: (laughing) Bootied it up?! Oooh!

Hank: Yeah!

Chelsea: Good job! 

Hank: Thank you! I'm gonna wipe my hand on my pants before I shake your hand, 'cause it's very sweaty!

Chelsea: Yes! Good job! And um, have a good rest of your VidCon!

Hank: Thank you!

Chelsea: Thanks for chatting. And you guys, of course, for more on VidCon 2014, be sure to head to and HollywireTV and we will see you later!

Hank: Thank you!

Chelsea: Bye! Thank you!

(cheers and screams in the audience)