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Hank Green Reveals Advice To YouTubers & Talks Hannah Hart Hugs!! (VIDCON 2014)
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Hank Green, who co-created VidCon back in 2010 with his brother John Green, caught up with us at the Hollywire Red Carpet for a wonderful interview!

He talked about the growth of Vidcon over the years and how much it means to him. Hank also revealed which YouTubers are the best huggers, chatted about his greatest accomplishment, dished on his new music, and gave some wonderful advice to aspiring YouTubers!

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Hank Green Reveals Advice To YouTubers & Talks Hannah Hart Hugs!! (VIDCON 2014) | Hollywire

(Intro music)

Chelsea: Isn't it crazy? Like, you and your brother sat down- had this idea of making VidCon - did you envision this?

Hank: Oh, nooo! (Chelsea laughs) No, I- I mean, no. VidCon... In 2010 was 1,400 people in the basement of a hotel, and we didn't know what we were doing. We know a little bit better what we're doing now. It's still an experiment! We're still not quite sure. This is obviously much bigger than it even was last year-

Chelsea; Yeah!

Hank: It's confusing, and it is astounding and it is amazing, and I'm very proud of it, and so thank you all for being here and supporting it and being a part of it.

(crowd cheers)

Chelsea: It's uh- it's nineteen thousand this year? Is that what I hear?

Hank: Eighteen!

Chelsea: Eighteen thousand?

Hank: I think we should just uh, we'll go with eighteen.

Chelsea: Okay!

Hank: It's a little less terrifying that way.

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: Nineteen thousand is basically twenty thousand, and then it's-

Chelsea: That's like the Staples Center! That's how many- (Hank laughs) I mean, when you think about it that way, right?!

Hank: I mean, at the same time, there's like, two hundred thousand people who watch my videos-

Chelsea: See!

Hank: so basically- on the other side of the YouTube, there is an audience that big. They just are all- all in their own little places. And I think really what I want is for people to connect with each other-

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: Like, find other people who are into the same things that they're into, and that's what I'm- that's what I'm really proud of.

Chelsea: What were some of the biggest challenges? You know, maybe like hiccups that you experienced while bringing VidCon together?

Hank: Well, initially, it was just convincing myself that it was possible, and also that I wanted to do. People are always like "bring VidCon to London!" or the East Coast, or Brazil, and I'm like, I would love to do that-

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: -but then I would have to go to more VidCons, and I can only really do this once a year. Like, I only have the energy for that much VidCon!

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: I wanna give it my all. And then- and then it's all gone. So I'm in the process of giving it my all, right now.

Chelsea: What's your best VidCon memory that stands out?

Hank: I got to see the Gregory Brothers once do their vocal warm-ups. And so they just like played Double Rainbow acoustically in a bathroom, and I was there. And I was just sort of sitting there, and I was like - this is the best. Like, no one's ever had this-

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: -like, been this happy in a bathroom before!

Hank: But yeah, there are so many good memories. Either like, looking- like, fan interactions, the first VidCon, someone gave me an anglerfish that they knitted!

Chelsea: Wow!

Hank: And I was just so like- like, overwhelmed with VidConness, that I just like- I received it and just cried.

Chelsea: Aw!

Hank: And I was just like "okay!" I maybe am a little emotionally unstable right now. But like- I-

Chelsea: (laughs) But it's overwhelming!

Hank: Yeah!

Chelsea: You know?

Hank: Yeah!

Chelsea: Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Like, who do you get excited to see here?

Hank: Oh, well Natalie Tran is (cheers from the audience) - yeah, she- this is her VidCon and uh, I've invited her to every VidCon, and for one reason or another, she hasn't been able to make it. It's hard to get to America from Australia. And I got to meet her last night, and that was the thing I was looking most forward to-

Chelsea: Wow!

Hank: -because I've been watching her for seven or eight years now.

Hank: I also look forward to the people who I've become friends with over the years.

Chelsea: Yeah!

Hank: So like, Hannah Hart and I, like, really get along really well, and, you know... We just- like, long hugs and-

Chelsea: She's a good hugger!

Hank: She's a great hugger.

Chelsea: She really is.

Hank: Tyler's also a really good hugger. (Chelsea laughs) Uh. Michael Buckley though, hugged me for like thirty straight seconds last night. I was like, I did the thing where you start to let go, and he just didn't let go. And then I did it again and he didn't let go. And then I-

Chelsea: You're like, this is getting weird!

Hank: I went like, okay, I'll come back and then I'll let go, and no. He just kept holding on! Uh. But at the end of it, I felt better. So. He knew what I needed!

Chelsea: That's awesome!

Chelsea: Well also, besides VidCon, you're also a musician!

Hank: Yeah! Yeah.

Chelsea: Can we talk about any new music or anything you're working on right now?

Hank: I just released a new album. It's called Incongruent. And it's uh, it's mostly like, pop-punk. But it's also some more soulful stuff. Yeah, it's with a whole new band. Uh, songstowearpantsto, Andrew Wong, the guys from Harry and the Potters and Rob Scallon, who is just an amazing, amazing guitarist who I- like, I'm just very lucky to be able to bring those people together to create something cool. And we're gonna go on tour starting the day after VidCon, because I figured I didn't have enough going on! (Chelsea laughs)

Hank: We've been rehearsing for like, the last two days. And that's, I guess, all you need!

Chelsea: Yeah, totally! I guess! Hey, you're pro.

Hank: I hope!

Chelsea: You got this.

Hank: They're very good. All I have to do is sing.

Chelsea: Well, you've accomplished so much - I'm curious - to you personally, what's your biggest accomplishment?

Hank: Well, I have a really happy marriage.

Chelsea: That's great! That's awesome!

Hank: We get along- oh yeah!

Chelsea: Yay!

Hank: That's adorable. Uh. (audience cheers)

Chelsea: That's awesome.

Hank: We get along really well. We're just really good friends. Um, and I like, you know, try to keep things in perspective and like, that's top of the list kind of stuff.

Chelsea: That's awesome. That's great. You need that, right?

Hank: She's right back there, behind the Kia logo.

Chelsea: Do you think she approves of how the interview's going?

Hank: Uh, I think she- well, now that I've shouted her out!

Chelsea: I know! (laughs)

Hank: Yeah. Well, hopefully, yeah.

Chelsea: What's your advice to YouTubers out there, people that are maybe getting started?

Hank: I don't know. You figure out what you want. Like, that's the thing. Like, your advice for people who are making online video, but everybody makes a different kind of online video. Every single person. And it's really about like, being passionate about something, and finding things that really get you going. Um. And- and you can direct that. You can find the the thing- you can direct your passion in different ways, which is something I didn't realize until pretty late in my life. That I could like, sort of pick the stuff that I was into.

Hank: You get to decide if it's something that you can be proud of, or if it's something that uh, is gonna make you a better person. But I think that it's really about finding a thing that you can be passionate about, and sharing it with other people who are also passionate about it. And whether that's just being a happy human being or being drunk in your kitchen (laughs) um, you know. It's- yeah. And like, if you're loving doing it, and if you're loving the thing that you're making, it doesn't matter how like, huge and successful you get. Also, it leads to more success, because if you are creating something that you like, there are other people in the world like you-

Chelsea: Mmm hmm!

Hank: -and they will also like it.

Chelsea: Totally. Well said! Look at this guy! Pro over here! (cheers from the audience, Hank laughs)

Chelsea: Awesome. Well listen, good job.

Hank: Yeah! Thank you. I'm gonna wipe my hand on my pants before I shake your hand-

Chelsea: Yes!

Hank: -because it's very sweaty!

Chelsea: Good job, and um, have a good rest of your VidCon.

Hank: Thank you!

Chelsea: Thanks for chatting, and you guys, of course, for more on VidCon 2014, be sure to head to and Holly Wire TV. And we will see you later!

Hank: Thank you!

Chelsea: Bye! Thank you! (audience cheers)