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If any of these sites were to stop existing I'd be sad, really sad! So I've decided to share with you my favorites while they're still around. Please let me know which other sites are cool too. I'm curious!

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I'd also add:
* for sexual portraits that show the diversity of sexual expressions and behaviors among human beings
*,,, and as additional sex ed sources
* for its more comprehensive breast gallery
* which shows how the cervix varies person to person and throughout the menstrual cycle
* is often flawed and certainly not the whole discussion BUT it is such an amazing crowd-built project that has a lot of well-written information and images
*,,,,, and to delve into the queer sites
*THE VLOGS: vlogbrothers, sex+ with Laci Green, TomSka, CrashCourse, HannahWitton, Seth Waters, Griner65, tell me more......
It seems like a good time to tell you about my favorite sex websites.


Starting with There's a lot going on on this site. Sex advice, a decent encyclopedia of sex topics, what I like most about it, though, is the sex positions guide. Everything's organized by category, 69, butterfly, cowgirl, cunnilingus, 139 different sex positions you can then select from to view two computer animated people acting it out like a 3-D video game of humping. I love the internet!

Next awesome site, Welcome to the free support network for birth control, indeed. I have yet to navigate everything this thorough site has to offer, there's so much and it's so good. It has testimonies from people who use the various methods, a reminder service that will poke you when it's time to take your pill or change your ring, gahhh, it's sweet! What impresses me the most is over here. All these images are so pretty and clean looking. Check this out. I can click most effective, party ready, STI prevention, and it will narrow down options. Or compare them side-by-side. Takes my breath away, it's so aahhhh! This site was one of the first sex education sources on the web, 1998, friends. The teen diary look is an effort to target millennials, but the content is for anyone curious. There are forums to ask sex questions and answers are returned within a few hours, or if you're feeling really panicky, they have a texting service. is really similar to Scarleteen, made for teens and young adults to get the comprehensive education most people are missing at school. This one has two excellent tools that make it unique. One, to aid communication. Who are you wanting to talk to, about what, to say, and they give an example script. This part is also cool. By state, it outlines what your sexual rights are as a teen there., this one, which was curated by Dr. Erwin Haeberle has some pretty nerdy sweet features. One, access in all of these languages to the largest online library of sex research. Go to behavior surveys, international encyclopedia, and you'll find the sex story of each of these places. Outer space is lumped together with Antarctica., or what I search for as 'breast gallery' when I can't remember the whole thing. It's the website for the popular British TV show, Embarrassing Bodies, which travels around in mobile clinic to give medical treatment to people who are too embarrassed to deal with their body problems elsewhere. For me as a sex educator, this site is a goldmine of breast, penis, and vulva photos that show just how diverse and not embarrassing our bodies are. is a collection of video footage from volunteers masturbating. They're head shots. The face of the little death. Orgasm. It is such an incredible way to relate to each other to see that, yes, our sexualities are unique, but we're far more similar than we are different. is the online community for people in the lifestyle of BDSM, kink, and fetishes. I like it because it connect people who may otherwise feel isolated, which I'd say does for non-monogamy, and does for asexuality. They're come-as-you-are sites., an undeniably clever sex site that I think many of you would be, or are, fans of. The artwork models healthy sexuality while the speech bubbles discuss sex toys and sex positivity. Webcomic genius!

What I want to know are your favorite websites. Please leave them in the comments and stay curious. is also a website. If you would like to support us, visit, shop at our DFTBA store, or share our videos. Thank you!