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Welcome to a new experiment, HankGames X2 the HankGames series where we respect your time by speeding up the footage so that you can enjoy more of it in less time! ALSO IT'S PRETTY HILARIOUS!
Hello! And welcome to Hank Green plays... Pikmin 3! It's right there! It says so, omygash! So, I'm launching two separate initiatives at the same time right now. The first is Let's Play Pikmin 3. The second is in admiration for the time that you give and also because I think it sounds funny, we're going to now speed this up to Hankgames x2. That's right, it's a new series. Hankgames x2. You're watching it now and now I sound funny. And it's faster and that means that you have to spend less time watching it! As long as I push A, otherwise it will just sit there forever.

Oh, they're so cute! And it's me! Oh, it's snowy. Oh, I got a mustache and a mohawk you guys. And, oh yeah, tiny! [reading dialogue] Of course, this guy hasn't been to PNF040-country! Country? This planet is going to save my people! Oh no. They don't copy. This guy has a really deep voice... like you don't know that. Oh, gosh. Well you're alive so there's that. Captain Charlie. Welcome. It sounds like he's speaking Mandarin. 

Alright, um... a Wii-- oh, my Nunchuk is required! Oh, my Nunchuk. I didn't have my Nunchuk. It didn't say that, it didn't say that before! Hold on. I got two Nunchuks, they're connected together. [a Nunchuk drops] Oh, well that one may be a little damaged, but this one should be okay. Yes! I can move! I can move! Look at me go! Can I move the camera around? No, I can't. I wanna move the camera around. Ooh, I can see-- Whatchya doing little guys? (1:30