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Pizzamas is rapidly coming to a close!!!

A glimpse into my extremely glamorous lifestyle! The meetings! The meetings! The phone calls! The emails! The video editing! The other meetings! Seriously though, I love my life.

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Good morning John. It is morning, which it usually is not when I make, when I say that out loud. I am going to take you through a day in the life of me.

I just did all my morning baby stuff and now I'm coming out to the office. I don't have anything on my calendar until around 11. So until then arrives, I'm working on a song which I haven't done in a while. I was gonna try to do it as a song Wednesday but it's just not happening.

Alright, song writing over. I did put it on my Tumblr. It still has some problems but if you want to listen to it, it's there. 

Now it's time to choose which Pizzamas shirt I'm gonna put on.

I chose... this drippy pizza.

Time to go make the... I forgot my computer.

Everyone at work will be shocked, SHOCKED, when I am late for the first meeting of the day, which I am, at the DFTBA warehouse. We're having our staff meeting. There's a pretty, snowy mountain out there. That's nice. 

DFTBA dot com figures out how to make cool stuff for online creators and also how to get that stuff to people who want it. Basically in this meeting we had a bunch of cool ideas for cool things to make and then we talked about how the things that we are currently making are doing. Everyone is very excited about Pizzamas. 

This is Rachel, she designs the socks, too.

[Rachel]: Hello

You can tell by her shirt

[Rachel]: This is my everything

This is just a frickin great 2017 license plate there.

Work... Candy corn flavoured m&m's. Eww... That's not good. They're the so bad. They're like...

[unnamed]: Aren't you the new like, "I have no strong opinions on m&m's?"

This was a mistake. I've gotta go to the staff meeting.

I beat you.

[unnamed]: You did.

Upstairs at our main office we have the events team. Mostly VidCon, but also PodCon, this staff meeting was a gathering to talk about the new space the Anaheim Convention Centre has, some PodCon marketing ideas so we can sell more tickets, and the trip that two people took to see how BlizzCon uses the convention centre in Anaheim so we can steal ideas from BlizzCon. It was about now that I realized that I had no scheduled time for lunch. Luckily that meeting ended soon so I went and got a burrito.

I mean... YES!

They just painted this on this building and as they were doing it I noticed different spacing on the sides. Oh god, it's going to be there forever. 


Going down to the studi... Oh my god it's cold down here, I always forget. I need wardrobe. My shirts!

I really enjoy shooting SciShow and CrashCourse, even if it is pretty draining. The scripts are always really good these days, our writing staff is legitimately one of the best in popular science writing, in my opinion. We shot a bunch of scripts including one about 'animals we thought were extinct but weren't' for SciShow and one about 'why gratitude is so good for people' for SciShow Psych, which is our new psychology channel.

Now I'm going to 'How To Adult.' 

How To Adult!

How To Adult is one of our less well-known channels, this video that we were making today was on how to make create and send good thank-you cards. That one, unsurprisingly, will come out around Thanksgiving.

Alright, I'm done shooting, it's 3:26. So I have a half-an-hour before Big Staff Meeting, during which I can maybe answer emails, I don't know, we'll find out.

Writing good emails is a learned skill. Some people are very good at it. This is a good email someone sent me. Bad news email for me, but it was done really well. Good job, person. 

Hockey hee hee! All the flavors!

There's still a chair!

And then we had our big all-staff meeting which we only do once a month. Here, the VidCon, DFTBA, and Complexly staffs all get together to keep each other up to date on the big picture of what's happening at each company. I feel like these staff meetings could be super boring, but actually they're very entertaining and I find them to be one of my favorite times of the day, which is, I feel like, not usually how staff meetings go.

BURP. And now I go home! I just finished my burrito.

Gotta put a baby to bed.

Baby's in bed, had dinner, back off to my office. To take a phone call. And edit a video. So that's usually roughly how my days go. Lots of meetings, lots of shooting, and some creative process thrown in. Usually they don't end up with me editing a video at ten o'clock at night, but it's Pizzamas and I'm not complaining. John, I honestly can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow; it's so fun to have, like, some creative pressure. I mean, it's hard, but it's fun. I love Pizzamas and I'll see what you got for me tomorrow.