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In which we get a surprise tour of Congress from an aid who recognized us on the steps of the capital, get quized by a cab driver, and rock a sold out show at the Black Cat in DC.

 Intro (00:00)

Hank: We're walking down the streets of Washington D.C., we're on Jackson, headed to 17th, we're gonna go see a friend at the National Geographic Society.  We just creeped on the White House a little bit--

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: --took some selfies, we got to go to Pret, we love Pret from our days in London when it is the only option ever if you wanted to eat quickly and well.  Um, and I'm officially confused about which way we're supposed to go.  We're trying to get on 17th, so try and find that.

Katherine: It's right there.

Hank: Okay, you got it.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Yeah, Katherine, that's why I bring you along.

Katherine: I'm good at that.

Hank: We had a bit of a late night last night.  Where did we end up?  Oh, right, we just had that late night monument tour.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: It's so easy to forget what happens when so much happens, it's a vacation problem.  Tour problem.

Katherine: We were looking at monuments until the wee hours.  

Hank: The wee hours.  I gotta upload a Vlogbrothers video today, so I'm gonna go edit and upload at the National Geographic offices, so thanks to them for offering it up for me.  Did you find a bunch of food trucks?

Katherine: No, there's a ghost horse in the park across the street.

Hank: Oh, ghost horse is what Katherine calls Afghan Hounds.  

Katherine: It's white, though.  They're not all white.

Hank: Yeah, white Afghans are ghost horses.

Katherine: It's from that Tumblr--

Hank: This is a Tumblr post.

Katherine: Yeah.  It's beautiful.  I want to hug it.  I'm gonna go hug it.  I'm sure its owner won't mind.  

Hank: No. It's not like--

Katherine: I'll just borrow it for a couple of hours.

Hank: It's not like one of those bomb sniffing dogs.  "Do not pet!"

(Intro music)

Hank: Hello and welcome to the Podcast Because Awesome, the daily tour diary of Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, Driftless Pony Club, Andrew Huang, Rob Scallon, and Harry and the Potters, touring in the Tour Because Awesome, a ten day tour of East Coasty places of the United States.  It has been quite a run. Today is going to be a very full day.  I'm currently in a bathroom in the future, the distant future, recording this intro.  We are gonna have a really great show today, it's gonna be fantastic and exceptional.  We're also gonna be able to visit Congress, we're gonna see the House of Representatives, due entirely to good luck, we're going to get to hang out a little bit at National Geographic's offices, and we're gonna have a really great show here in Washington D.C., I just had it, if you're wondering why I know that.  It was awesome.

 Congress visit (02:00)

(Music plays)

Hank: In the taxi on our way to Congress, where we're attempting to get a Nerdfighter to give us a tour of the house floor, and also maybe some other parts of Congress.  Fingers crossed that this works.

We're in the Rayburn Congress building offices, offices of Congresspeople. There's special elevators just for Congresspeople, we don't get to ride those. We're trying to get to the fourth floor, and I assume that this elevator will take us there eventually.

Andrew: What are you going to lobby for?

Hank: Pennies should stop.  We're just throwing pennies on the floor.

Paul: This might be one of the nicest elevators I've ever been in.

(?) Alright, congress elevator photo.

Paul: Owned by the American people.

Hank: An elevator owned by Americans.

Paul: It's cool to be in something that I have a one in three hundred millionth share in. (they laugh)

Hank: It's not so bad.

Rob: We paid for this elevator.


Hank; Yeah, you can just walk up, yeah. Anybody can just, it says "Welcome, please come in."

Joe: I think that's how democracy's supposed to work, right?

Hank: Yeah, it just doesn't seem like that's how it works. This is a long hallway.  It's a very wide long hallway, with very nice doors.  I think this is us.  

Rob: Do we knock?

Hank: Yeah.  Apparently.  Well, it says, "Welcome, please come in."  

Lady: Hello.  Oh, come in.

Hank: Hi.  We're here for Ellen.

Lady: Yes.  Please come in.

Ellen: Hi, my name is Ellen, and I work for Congress in the House of Representatives.

Hank: And we just found you on the steps. 

Ellen: Yeah, I was walking home from work and you guys were standing in front of the Capital and I recognized Hank and Paul and Joe and said hi.

Hank: Thank you.

Ellen: And offered you guys a tour, because that's a thing I can do.

Hank: How did you get this job doing this thing?

Ellen: I started as an intern. I moved out here after college and I wanted to do something important and this is something that I really like, so I started interning for about six months and ended up getting hired by my current boss, and I've worked for her ever since.

Hank: Cool.

Ellen: Yeah.

Hank: Thanks for showing us around.

Ellen: No problem, I'm glad you guys could make it, I was worried you weren't going to be able to, so I'm glad you guys could all make it.  So I'm going to recommend you guys leave most of your stuff here, you can't bring in, like, big bags, things like that.

Hank: OK


You have both phones? Why do you need...

Ellen: Plural.

Hank: Why do you need two phones?

Ellen. Work phone, mi phone. Yeah.

Hank: Does the entire US government use blackberries still?

Ellen: Yeah.

Hank: That's embarrassing, I'm embarrassed for our country. (he laughs)

Ellen. Here's the thing, I never think that like this is my fun phone, so I never send dumb e-mails and I never like drunk tweet cuz this is not the same thing.

Hank: Right. This is your government phone.

Ellen: Yeah.

Chyna (? 5:30): Or take pictures.

Ellen: Yeah, so it's like...

Chyna: That's very smart, I like that.

Ellen: So they're like "you can get a nicer BlackBerry" and I'm like "I don't want a nicer blackberry, this one is fine. For me to hastily type out e-mails on." So yeah. How has your guys' day been?

Hank: Good.

Ellen: how was your trip?


Hank: It says subway to capital. It's like a special... yeah, inter-building subway system, that's not normal. I want an inter-building subway system.


Hank: I want an inter-building subway system.  Uh-oh, does he have a nice? He might have still his pocketknife.

Katherine: Pffft

Hank: We just use it to open beers and sometimes

Andrew: Spread peanut butter.

Hank: spread peanut butter.  Yeah, he was not very attached to that knife, he almost threw it away just 'cause he didn't want to clean the peanut butter off of it.  

Paul: He forgot his knife.  In his pocket.

Hank: Oh, Joe.  

(?): Knife?

Katherine: Knife?

Hank: Alright, so we're in the little subway car, I'm making air quotes because there's no ceiling or sides.

Katherine: It's like a monorail.

Hank: I guess it's a sub--

Katherine: It's a sub...rail. 

Ellen: Powered by freedom.

Hank: So now we're in Congress.

Ellen: Now we're in the Capitol, yeah. 


Hank: Yes, there's a sculpture down here called "The Apotheosis of Democracy".

Katherine: That's a good name.

Hank: There's another one over here that's called "The Apotheosis of Democracy".  Apparently, it's part of a series.

Katherine: A series.

Hank: Hey, Andrew, how's it going?

Andrew: I feel very special.

Hank: I feel kind of cramped. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. Maximum capacity was 12 persons we had 11. 

Andrew: We were close.

Ellen: We were fine, we probably could've fit one more person in here.

Hank: Oh yeah, totally.

Paul: An elevator could've held six times that many people.

Hank: It's true. We've had... conversations about elevator capabilities.

(people talking over each other) (? 7:30)

Hank: Hello?

Katherine: Uno mas.

Paul: We could have fit...

Katherine: Pass

Paul: No, we could have fit... 84 people? 72?

Hank: 12 times 6.

Ellen: Well, not comfortably.

Rob: Could not ave fit, but could have sustained...

Paul: Could have carried.

Rob: The weight maybe.

Hank: Couldn't have fit in.

Paul: Besides the whole like, human density, full to capacity, like physically full.

Hank: Yeah, if you filled it with blood.



Hank: Oh man, we're in the Capitol.  We're in it.  There's a cop, there's a Capitol policeman right there, he's like seven feet tall, super tall cop.  No photos or video in second floor hallways around house chamber, but it says nothing about podcasting, so that's another reason--yeah, that's a big painting.

Katherine: Taking pictures is prohibited.

Hank: Taking pictures is prohibited, but I can describe it to you.  

Katherine: It's was a big paiting.

Hank: It was a big painting of lots of people.  


We've come into the public area now, it is louder with more children.  Creepy basement.  

Ellen: Would you guys indulge me in a group photo?

Katherine: I like it.

Hank: Yeah.

Ellen: Kevin McCarthy also had a--has an office right next door to mine, but that's his personal office, so that's like for the people in his district in Central California, not campaigning.  We can't even like, we barely say that word in this building, like, someone's like, "I'd like to donate" and we're like, "Why don't--no."  You can't.  It's very, very separate.  We get in lots of trouble.

Hank: Basement.

?: I learned that on Parks and Rec.

Hank: Ohhhh.  It's creep--yeah, we got pipes!

Ellen: (? 9:20 so much echo) Piping. 

Hank: Low ceilings. Lots of big rocks. ooh, ooh. Oooh, a closet. Oh yeah, you're getting us nice and lost, we're gonna have no idea where we are.


This--I assume that rollerblades aren't allowed, but this would be really great rollerblading.

Ellen: I don't think so cuz it's really uneven.

Hank: No no, it's a smooth uneven. I mean, it's polished.

Ellen: It's not like a...

Hank: I-- yeah, this would be fun. It's also downhill right now, which i think is weird.

Ellen: Yes. Well, we're coming off of Capitol Hill

Hank: Right, but it's strange to have just a really slow hill. So the entire, the entire walkway drains to there, but why?  Why do they think that there's going to be a bunch of water in here?

Katherine: 'Cause it's below ground and we're at sea level.

Hank: I guess, yeah, yeah, that's a good point.

Katherine: Maybe it's gonna flood.

Hank: Yeah, yeah, it is--

Katherine: This is not a good, really, area for building it.

Hank: Yes, we did build our nation's Capitol in a flood plain.

Katherine: In a swamp, and then it burned down, and then we built it again. In a swamp.


Ellen: --three House buildings.

Hank: Which one is the nicest?

Ellen: Rayburn, the one here.

Hank: Okay, so you're in the nicest one?

Ellen: Yeah, but it's the farthest away from the good cafeteria, so toss up. And like, the Starbucks is in the Longworth building, so.

Hank: But then the Senate building is much nicer?  

Ellen: Everyone--everything there is nicer, everything there is nicer, everyone there is taller.

Hank: I just assume? Okay. All the Senators are taller?

Ellen: Better looking, it's just--

Hank: I would--I bet they are, on average.  

Ellen: Yeah.

Hank: Yeah.


Ellen: Well, I know you guys are late.  The best way to get out of here, oh, thank you--

Hank: Great to meet you.

Ellen: Lovely to meet you guys.

?: Yes.

Ellen: Hug everybody.  We'll just, everybody in, everybody in, just bring it in.

Hank: Aww, aww.


Hank: Did you lose your knife, Joe?

Joe: Yeah, it's OK.

Hank: Yeah I know, but like... It's a thing that happened.

Joe: Yeah, that happened.

Hank: The government stole your knife.

Joe: Yep. They took my knife. I-- I mean is it really infringing upon my second amendment rights?

Hank: Yeah, you should've said "I have the right to bear this pocket knife. It's from a thrift store."

Joe: Yeah, I got it at a pawn shop for three dollars. 

Hank: Who pawned a pocket knife?

Joe: I don't know. Someone was done with it.

Hank: Yeah.

Joe: "I need a buck..." It was very dull. 

Hank: Yeah.

Joe: It had been used--

Hank: A lot.

Joe: --quite a lot.

Hank: It was good for peanut butter.

Joe: yeah, well peanut butter knife is

Hank: It's gone now.

Joe: Gone now.

 Cab Driver quiz (11:56)

Hank: Our cab driver started quizzing us.

Cab driver: Okay, what is dark matter?

Hank: Dark matter is uh, it--it influences the gravity of the galaxy--

Cab driver: Very good, yes, yes.

Hank: --but we cannot observe it.  

Cab driver: Dark matter does not emit or reflect light--

Hank: Yeah.

Cab driver: --and it isn't--it has a mass and gravity.

Hank: Yeah.

Cab driver: So, and it affects, you know, it is keeping the galaxies and the universe from spreading out too fast.

Hank: Yes.  

Cab driver: Next question.

Hank: Okay.

Katherine: Lay it on me.

Cab driver: Okay.  I'm gonna give you capital cities, you tell me the country.

Katherine: Oh boy.

Hank: Oh gosh.

Cab driver: Cairo.

Hank: Egypt.

Cab driver: Lima.

Hank & Katherine: Peru.

Cab driver: Reykjavik.

Hank & Katherine: Iceland.

Cab driver: Copenhagen.

Hank & Katherine: Denmark.

Cab driver: Budapest.

Hank: Hungary.

Cab driver: Jakarta.

Hank & Katherine: Indonesia.

Cab driver: Oh, come on, guys, I wanna get you on one. (they laugh) Kathmandu.

Katherine: Nepal?

Cab driver: Yes.

Hank: Oh, nice, Katherine.  

Cab driver: Seoul.

Hank: Korea. South Korea.

Cab driver: What is the capital of Canada?

Andrew and Tessa (?): Ottawa!

Hank: They're from Ottawa.

Tessa: We're Canadian.

Andrew: I grew up in Ottawa.

Hank: Oh OK.

Cab driver: People don't know it here.

Katherine: Oh really? They say Toronto?

Hank: They say Toronto, Yeah.

Cab driver: They say Toronto, they say Montreal,

Katherine: (disappointed) oooh

Cab driver: They say Kubrick

Katherine: OOOOGH Ottawa. (laughs) Kubrick.

Cab driver: What is the Capitol of Angola?

Katherine: oh, that's one

Hank: Oh no idea.

Katherine: There you go. You got us. you went to Africa I don't---

Cab driver: It starts with L.

Katherine: Oh, uh, nope. Is it a person's name?

Cab driver: No, it sound like Luanda. It is Luanda. (they laugh)

  Locked out and WheezyWaiter videos (14:10)

Hank: Now we're trying to get into the venue. Sometimes it's hard like the front door will be closed, gotta go around back, see if you can get somebody's attention. It's four o'clock and it's a music venue, there don't tend to be a lot of people around. but I see them, I see them now. We've done it, We are here at the Black Cat in DC.


Craig: --and with WheezyWaiter it has become more of a grab bag of random stuff, but it's still like I'm learning new editing techniques and stuff and I wanna you know, up my game. That's just me. Maybe I should just down my game (laughs)

Hank: Yeah, just do a podcast, no graphics at all, not even video.

Craig: Yeah. Hey, there you go. Or just, yeah, put a black screen up and just audio.

Hank: Yeah.

Craig: People like audio.

Hank: That actually would be-- that seems like a WheezyWaiter video to me. (Craig laughs) Just like one day upload a video that has no video. (Craig laughs) but it totally like, is still in

Craig: I'm gonna write this one down.

Hank: I like it! I like it!

Craig: I'm writing it down.

Hank: It just like, is noises and you're like "why isn't--" and then there's Eagles and punching.

Craig: The camera broke. I like that.

Sam: There's stuff clearly going on.

Hank: Yeah, lots of stuff. And then Sam comes in. And he's like "Craig! Craig! You're mom's on fire!"

Craig: Wow. You want to write this for me?

  Paradigm shift (15:35)  

Hank: Andrew just walked into my office where I was editing the podcast and he was like "HANK! It's time to actually do the thing."

Andrew: A whole paradigm shift. Doing a different thing. It's been two days!

Hank: It's been two days, I forgot--

Andrew: "How does this work?"

Hank: Do I go out there with anything or do I just-- I don't usually have anything with me.

Andrew: Yeah, no.

Hank: What do I say?

Andrew: We need your magic hat. Your magic wand.

Hank: Later. I do have the hat later.

Andrew: Yeah that's true, you don't actually need a hat. No, you're good now.

Hank: What do I say?

Andrew: You need to set up the "how are you doing?" response.

Hank: Yes, shit.

Andrew: And then tell people to have a good time.

Hank: OK.

Andrew: My name's Andrew Huang.

Hank: (laughs)

(crowd cheers)


Hank: Alright, I got my shit together and it turned out OK. (Andrew singing in the background) Andrew's rockin 'em. And we've got some time until it's all over, but it's a good crowd. It's a good crowd, they're hyped. Oh, I gotta make sure I don't get stepped on, it's very dark back here. I almost got stepped on.

 Sound Technicians (16:50)

I'm currently downstairs, Harry and the Potters are playing upstairs and I can hear the floorboards creaking as people dance above me and it is a little disconcerting. I uh, not gonna lie, I worried. I guess, you know, this club's been here for a long time there probably not gonna fall through the floor on me. Fingers crossed.


So here's a weird thing, I'm in the bathroom right now, backstage. Obviously the thing you want to do is make sure your fans have the best possible experience at the concert, but there's this little thing in me that really wants the sound technicians to enjoy the show because they see like three shows a week at least, 52 weeks a year. They see more shows than anybody else in the world. They see a ton of shows and for them your average show is just another show but if we can do something that makes them be like "Yeah, that was good, that was exceptional, that was interesting" That makes me feel really good.

One of those moments is often when we throw the basilisk on stage during the Harry and the Potters set off stage into the audience when we're saving Ginny Weasley from the basilisk, and one night, a sound technician, this was at Union Transfer, uh, like, gave me the biggest high five after that moment, and I felt so good that like, this is a guy that goes to lots of shows, and he thinks our show is good, like, he's a connoisseur, it's like, getting a good review from a movie reviewer rather than from, you know, the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, it's like 92% audience and 12% rotten tomatoes, you know, you want both.

So, yeah, I like it when the, when the people who work the venue enjoy the show, because, you know, I like people to enjoy their jobs, and also feel like it's a higher standard, not saying that my audience has a low standard, but, you know, they're forgiving, they like me, whereas these people don't even know who I am, so. That's just a thing.


I was just recording on my podcast about that very phenomenon.

Rob: Sorry.

Hank: Yeah, Paul just got a high five from a technician. He was like, that was great! It is unusual.

Rob: Yeah, it certainly means something when they do that every night for a different band.

Hank: Right, yeah.

Rob: They don't do that to everybody.

Hank: Yeah.

Paul: 15 songs.

Hank : 15 songs every set!  That's like we record an album every day, you guys.

Rob: That's like 15 minutes.

Hank:(*laughs) 15 minutes with 45 minutes of banter.  Is that Joe?  That's Joe.  

Rob: Alright, who's the coach today?

Hank: Alright, alright, I haven't done it in a while, yeah, well, you know, we're not gonna go without you.

Rob: Have we got the podcast on?

Mike: Podcast is on, Hank is up.

Hank: Alright you sons of bitches, (Rob laughs)

Paul: Be nice, be nice.

Hank: this night is gonna be a special night.

Rob: Yep.

Hank: It's gonna be a special night for a lot of people. The reason these people are gonna go home and tomorrow they're gonna wake up and they're gonna say "Was that a frickin DREAM!? Or was that Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers?"

Hank: And you're not gonna be sure!  

Rob: That's what I'm sayin'

Hank: Because of how frickin' awesome we're gonna be!  

Everyone: Yeah!  Yeah!

Hank: Alright everybody.

Joe: Leave them with incredible doubt.

Hank: They're gonna be so confused!  They're gonna have no idea what happened!  Alright!  Goop on three, Goop!

  During and after the show and the Rumba phenomenon (20:25)

Oh man, this is a good show.

Andrew: This is a good show.

[crowd chanting]

Hank: This is a good show.  

Craig: How you doing?

Hank: Good, how are you?

Craig: I'm good, I'm wearing my Proton Pack.

Hank: Oh, good.

Craig: I'm a ghostbuster.

Hank: Yeah.

Craig: I'm about to bust some ghosts.

Hank: Yeah.

Craig: And--

Hank: That sounds like a good plan.

Craig: Okay.

Hank: Okay.

Craig: I'll do it.  


Katherine: I need this.

Hank: Everybody's pretty stressed, we're ready to go, we're going to Boston right now.

Sam: we're going to Boston, all the way, right now!

Hank: Seven hours, it'll be eight in the morning when we get there.  No big deal.  

Andrew: We can sleep all day, it's a great plan.  

Hank: We can sleep all day.

Paul: All day to 1 PM.  

Andrew: Yeah.

Hank: You can't see Katherine's dance on the podcast, which is too bad.

Rob: It's like a much more intense river dance.  I bet they can hear that somehow.

Craig: I wish I could--I mean, it's so amazing.

Katherine: Get down on it.  Yeah.

Tessa (?): But the hands in the pockets, too, it's very--

Hank: Yeah, don't take your hands out of your pockets.  

Everyone: OH NO!

Paul: You gotta read it, you gotta read it.

Joe: I know, I know.

Hank: Gonna open the Rumba!

Sam: What is that?

Hank: It's a really, really old energy drink.

Katherine: No, don't ask.

Hank: It's like eight years old.

Katherine: Just drink the drink.  Just drink the drink.

Joe: I don't know if--can we do it justice?

Paul: I mean...

Katherine: What are you talking about?

Paul: We can do our best.

Hank: We got plenty of 'em.

Paul: We can do our best.  

Joe: Alright, we brought this for our friend David who was at the show tonight, but we forgot to share it with David. (all laugh)

Hank: Been carrying this f--ckin' Rumba around all week.

Katherine: They've been--just been--

Hank: Jangling around the van.

Joe: David discovered this drink.  David plays in a band called the The Max Levine Ensemble, and they had a rule on tour that whenever they would find Rumba, they would buy all of it.

Mike: The soda--the drink--it's not  a soda, it's an energy juice drink that was discontinued some years ago, but you can still find it occasionally at Big Lots.

Joe: We purchased this about three years ago in a Big Lots outside of Pittsburgh, and the--they had a rule.

Mike: There's two rules.

Joe: There's two rules.  

Mike: One rule.  First rule is there's never enough Rumba.  Never enough Rumba.  Second rule is ohhhh, too much Rumba.  

Paul: Those are two states of being.

Joe: Yeah, two states of being.  Those are the two states of being is not enough Rumba and too much Rumba.

Paul: Right now we're in the state of not enough Rumba.

Joe: Right, clearly.  

Paul: Yeah, and we're going to journey to the other state. (all laugh)

Hank: There's never any just enough.

Joe: Should we get a Rumba?

Hank: Do we have to say the spell?

Joe: We have to say the spell before opening the Rumba. So now keep in mind this-- 

Paul: It's an energy drink.

Joe: is an energy juice.

Paul: Yeah, energy juice.

Joe: Here we go, Rumba. Energy juice. "Get up and dance. Get off off your seat, on your feet, and get the day moving to a quicker beat."

(Katherine cackling)

Craig: Oh.

Joe: "New Rumba energy juice, the natural goodness of 100% pure juice living in perfect harmony with our tried and true energy-boosting blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A pleasing composition of flavor, text-- er, flavor, taste, and texture is an uplifting way to start your day. Rumba! Dance the day away!"

Mike: Alright. Can we get a "whoah, Rumba" On 3?

Mike: 1, 2, 3

Everyone: Whoaaaa, Rumba!

Tessa: That was awesome.

Paul: How much Rumba have you had? Not enough.

Joe: Oh, it's so bad.

Rob: Do we have to drink it?

Paul: You don't have to drink it.

Hank: No, you don't, you're about to go to bed.

Paul: You don't have to do drink it.

Rob: You have to drink it.  Have to drink it.

Paul: You don't have to drink it.

Hank: I'm going to bed, let's have some energy drinks.

Rob: Come on, there's no nuts in it.

Hank: There's no nuts in it.

Andrew: Ohhhh, Katherine!

Katherine: Wheeee!

Paul: Rumba, Rumba.

Hank: Ohhh, down on his knees.  Oh God, I dropped the phone.

Joe: Never enough.

Sam: Kinda tastes like prune juice.

Hank: That tastes bad.

Paul: It's bad.  

Hank: Oh, that's bad. It's bad.

Joe: It's almost gone.

Hank: We went around a really big circle.

Mike: Got four more cans.

Joe: We've got more. Want more?

Paul: Do you want more?

Rob: No.

Hank: No, no, no.  I think I'm good.

Paul: You're still in the state of not enough Rumba.

Andrew: Katherine, whoah.

Many people: WHOOOO

Hank: It's bad.

Katherine: You have to finish it.

Andrew: It reminds me of something, but I can't tell what.

Joe: Prune juice!

Hank: It does taste a lot like prune juice.

Andrew: Prune juice, but also the McDonald's orange--

Katherine: It tastes like spoiled orange juice.

Hank: It tastes like bad orange juice. It tastes like orange juice that's gone bad.

Craig: Is that what it tastes like even whe it's not 3 years old?

Joe: Yeah, pretty much. Actually, that's better than I recall it tasting. (all laugh)

Rob: Whoooaaaa Rumba!

Paul: Now we can--

Joe: Now we can dance the day away!

(Katherine laughs)

Andrew: It tastes a little vommy.

Katherine: It's awful.

Hank: A little vommy?

(chatter fades out)

  End (25:45)  

Thank you for listening to the Podcast Because Awesome, the daily tour diary of Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, Driftless Pony Club, Harry and the Potters, Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang. It was a really good day. Thanks to everyone who came out to help make it a good day, It's been a fun time.

Now we have to drive overnight to New Jersey, where we will sleep and then get up in the morning and drive all the way to Boston and it's gonna be awful, awful, awful, awful, awful.  It's my least--the thing that I have been looking forward to least, so that we will talk about on the next episode of the Podcast Because Awesome.  DFTBA.