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I asked my Twitter followers if they had any questions. This video is my responses to some of those questions and others.

One of them asks about resources for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and I annotate two videos:

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LAST WEEK'S COMMENT: (in response to my question is there a preference for me to stand or sit during videos, AGrayPhantom answered: "Yeah, do some parkour! :D"
David Turinetti asks, "What's the deal with morning wood??" Ah, the wake-up boner. The deal is that genitals go through physiological changes during sleep. Vulvae get wet, clitorises get hard, penises get hard, and multiple times throughout a snooze. There aren't conclusive findings I know of as to why. Theories are that is to keep the tissue oxygenated and healthy. If there aren't nighttime erections, more formally known as nocturnal penile tumescence, then there could be a physiological problem. Erectile dysfunction, or what I prefer to call erectile difficulty. If there is erectile difficulty during sex but not during sleep, the reason is more likely psychological rather than physiological, so morning wood could be a message from your body about your health, mental and physical.
Next question, from the nearly-impossible-to-pronounce Seth Thinks Thoughts, in so many words, "Does it seem weird that I'm going to be a music teacher but would also love to teach sex ed?" Not at all. Your school may plan for a health or PE teacher to cover that material, but your intentions certainly aren't weird. Dr. Ruth was a sniper, Betty Dodson trained in art, Kinsey collected wasps. Sex education is awesome. Why wouldn't you want to add it to your other passions?
Erin Awesom wants to know, "What is this?" It is a plaster bust with magazine clippings collaged onto it by high school students to address teen pregnancy in Montana. Unlike most states in the US, Montana's teen pregnancy rates haven't significantly dropped. They still hover around 20%, meaning two in ten girls become pregnant before age twenty. Among native girls, the statistic is five in ten, or 50% of girls becoming pregnant before age twenty.
From Sarah Lacelle: "Have you ever heard of acute proprioception causing problems such as being unable to self stimulate?" I haven't heard of acute proprioception. Teach me?
Curious Zachary Guadalupe says "What's your favorite fact?" I'm not one to collect favorites, nor do I believe in the stagnant nature of facts. Maybe that Nerdfighteria is something amazing of a boss.
JD Clark asks "What is heteroflexibility?" Someone who identifies as heterosexual and recognizes attraction as dynamic- like a vegetarian who eats bacon. "I'm all kale until I smell bacon."
Steven Heath has a question: "How do you open the lines of communicating on sex with someone who is very reserved on the topic?" Listen...listening is the most precious asset of communication in my opinion. Or ask them if they watch Sexplanations. 
Kelsey Dawson says "Long distance tips?" Separate your date calls from your business calls, your date emails from your business emails so things aren't getting all smushed together. One more thing. Figure out ways to fight at a distance the same way you figure out how to express your sexualities at a distance. Healthy fighting is healthy.
Here's one from Kate Hillyard. "How would I approach bringing toys into the bedroom after four years together?" "Look what I got! *whispers* toy.", "Look at this gift certificate I got to a toy store. Wanna go shopping?" Imagine how you would act if you weren't afraid or how you would act if you weren't trying to control your partner's response.
MX Travers wonders "Are there any resources you recommend for sexual assault-related PTSD and trying to move forward sex-life wise from that?" This video and this video. I made them for you.
Liz Onstead asks "Any and all tips for meeting potential romance type people when a) super shy and b) slammed with college?" Ooooh this is a good one for all of us to answer. Comments. I'll put my suggestions in the comments too.
Katie Twyman writes "Best short and sweet way to explain what queer means?" This is an evolving definition. I would go with "queer is a noun or adjective used to shame or celebrate those who deviate from societal norms of identity and sexuality." Again- evolving.
N. Larson wants me to "Explain the difference between climax and orgasm. What is the difference- if there is one?" To me these words are synonymous in sexual context. Outside of the sexual realm, orgasm is often used less to refer to the height of tension or anticipation. People aren't likely to say the movie's orgasm was so intense. Though you could start a new trend. 
Last question from Veronica. "Doctor Doe, do you have a PO Box by any chance?" We sure do! PO Box 8147 Missoula- M-I-S-S-O-U-L-A, Montana, MT 59807. I love mail. Here's some of the cool things that we've gotten in the mail. Drawings from Morgan Elaine and this necklace. Plenty of thank you letters, gall wasps, bookmarks and this one from YouTube. Stay curious!