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[sound of door opening]

[The Warehouse intro]

Matthew: Hey there! I am Matthew Gaydos. Welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA Warehouse with you. Now, I know it's been a while, and things look a little bit different around here, but I had to come back because there's a giant piece of news, which, of course, leads me into...New Merch News.

You may have heard already, but if not, Hank and John are starting DFTBA Brewing Company, and we are releasing some brand new merchandise to celebrate that announcement. First up in New Merch News is this fantastic DFTBA Brewing Company logo t-shirt. And if you want something to set those beers on, you can get this set of four lovely coasters. 

Speaking of the beers, you may be wondering what some of them are, and I can tell you here that the list includes: the Puppy-Sized Pilsner, the Dear Heffenjohn, The Anthropocene Rebrewed, among others, and you can get the logos for all of these in this sticker set. 

One of the other beers that I did not mention above is the incredibly named Vlager, and you can get the logo for that on this handy-dandy koozie. And last but certainly not least is this amazing poster featuring Hank and John serving you a selection of beers via a Nerdflighter. 

These are all limited edition items, and you can only get them from today through Friday, April 5th, so if you want 'em, head on over to and get them soon.

But that does it for this week. As always, the links to everything I talked about will be down in the flap. So I will see you next week with a-- [sighs] Wait. I don't work here anymore. I'm thinking somebody that actually works here should maybe host this show, so...Abi. Luna. Come out here.

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Abi: What?

Luna: What are we supposed to do with this?

Abi: How was he even keeping this?