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We told you it was real!


All of the merch we mentioned today:

Charles Trippy shirts and posters:
What the Flerken?! shirt:
Will it Waffle Shirt:
McElroy merch:
Rachel Ballinger pins and more:


Hosts: Abi Rein (@abi_jean) and Luna George (@checkformoon)

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Abi: We're back.

Luna: And unlike the DFTBA Brewing Company, this is actually real.


L: Welcome to the warehouse.

A: The show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you. My name is Abi and I do customer service here.

L: And I'm Luna and I pack stuff. This is the DFTBA warehouse, but you probably knew that given everything. There's a lot of new stuff going on around here since you've last seen the place. There's new
merch, there's new people, but we'll get to all of that later.

A: And recently we've been hard at work sending out a ton of books for the life's library book club. We're currently working on sending out the next shipment to our domestic subscribers. But that's not the only thing that's new around here.

L: And that brings us to new merch news. Our first piece of new merch news is from one of our longtime creators Charles Trippy. He's celebrating 10 years of vlogging with signed and unsigned versions of a new shirt and poster. Something that you won't be able to get after this week is this marvelous What the Flerken? shirt
from the Super Carlin Brothers.

A: If you're looking for breakfast related merch, you can pick up this new Will it Waffle shirt from Jackson Bird. And for all you cool babies out there, we're putting out our first ever baby merch. The McElroy's are releasing this bib and onesie. And also this shirt and pin set and pin of the month and a bunch of their other merch is on sale.

L: And in our last piece of new merch news are these two limited
edition pins from Rachael Ballinger that just went on sale Friday.

L: So this is the new warehouse, thank you for coming around.

A: We know it looks a little bit different around here, but if you have
any questions about all of this, or for either of us, you can ask them down in the comments or on Twitter.

L: As always, there's links to everything we talked about in the description. Thank you for watching...

A: ...and don't forget to be awesome.

L: There's nothing on these.