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In which Hank kills a lot of people
And now we're going to watch my long kill streak gold. I've got a few of these and I decided to record one of them so other people could see how it is done.

Uh, so some guys are gonna come out and you wanna fend them off and uh, start out with a counter kill and then just keep pushing direction and mashing B, pretty much. And if you want a a really awesome kill you hafta hold down B. But ifs you mash B you also get kills. But the awesome like, double kills where you're shooting and swording, those are- are are are seem to be accomplished by holding down B and not mashing. So I'm doing a lot of mashing right now. And then I duck down so then I can get those double shoot kills which are pretty interesting.

By the end of this the- just the body count is ridiculous, but, um, they start to throw some harder guys at you, um, but don't fall for them because it's about kill streaks, it's not about killing important people, so keep your eye on the prize and continue to kill the people who are, uh, easy to kill. Um, so if you go after these fast guys, you'll end up breaking your kill streak because they'll jump out of the way, um, so do your best to, like, go for the red berets, as it were. Um, yeah, so starting out with counters and then just plowing through them. And every once in a while, a guy will come in from the side to break your streak, which is annoying, and you wanna kind of try to keep your eye out for if you can see if that guy is coming, and if you can actually get to the guy, uh, before he hits you.

Um, it's not always possible, but I did it right there, for example, but then there was another guy with a, uh, a hammer, who got me. By the end of this, I kinda knew that I was already in gold territory, so things calmed down a little bit. Also I just, I was afraid of the number of bodies that I had created for myself. I guess things didn't calm down that much. Here I go, continuing on kill streak. My biggest streak here, I think, was 11, and my biggest streak, 10 or 11, and my biggest streak ever is more like in the 15 or 16 range, which I'm sure is totally beatable.

But there you have my kill streak. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you get a couple of ten-combos in there, you pretty much get the gold, and, uh, it shouldn't be too hard if you do some practicing. And, I hope you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you on the other side.