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In which Hank completes his track the the caverns of Nero or whatever.
Okay, I am back in this temple thing, and there’s bad guys that are crazy and creepy and I’m going this way. I don’t know if this is the right way, but it’s not the wrong way that I discovered before.   And I’m gonna jump on this. Oh, please don’t tell me... I thought I went back at the VERY beginning. I’m not. I’m not.    There is someone’s bed over here or something... candles. And this. On this. Hanging out. And, uh, that’s not gonna do me any good. Oh, and I’m down.    Landed on this little pillar. Uh, this... that’s just to look cool. The only reason.   And then I’m climbing on this. Now I’m on this. Uhh, where am I going? Probably this way. Yes. Likely. Over to this. And then this. And this. And across! I am so stealthily awesome.   Oh! Ah! See I expect that to happen way more often. Did... [Ezio]: Now I can get back up here   Now you can? Or can’t? I’m confused. Yes, now you CAN. Okay. That’s good. Glad to hear that.    Uhhhh what are you expecting me to do? This? Over here? One of these? Huh! Uh. That was close. Did not think that that was going to work, to be honest.   Ooooh, is there a treasure chest over there? Hello, treasure chest. I want to go to the treasure chest, bitch. No, I don’t wanna go that way. I wanna go to the treasure chest. Ugh, dang it, am I gonna have to go all the way across... Nope. Apparently I can’t get to the treasure chest. Treasure chest is not for me.   Heh, ho, I’m good at this game. I’m good at this game. I’m good. I’m such a gymnast.   Checkpoint reached!   Now where’s the guys? Where are you guys? Hello? Hello, bad guys? I am curious about bad guys because I’m kind of bored. That is a dead person; I thought it was gonna be a wolf. They're all wearing wolf skins.    What about you? You dead? I'm standing on you. Standing on your dead body.   Eldedubbajuba. Nope. You go over this, and you do this, and... boonk.    And now I am beginning what I believe will be a very long journey across this entire room 'cause this is what the wolf-men do every single time they have to go light the fire and, uh, need to get back into their lair. They just do this over and over again. They're like, 'Oh, well, we'll just climb and then do a bunch of amazing gymnastics to get back to our lair.'   That's not gonna be a problem. I didn't think I was gonna make that for a second, but I did. Okay, good. Glad you made it, Ez.   I can call you Ez? Is that cool? Okay.    Uh. Oh! Well, that's good news. That means I can get up. [Ezio]: That could help if I fall.    That could help if I fall. Which is convenient; it could have fallen on your head, and you would've been dead, but luckily, it fell there, and so it will help if you fall.   Do do do do do do do do do ba do This is a climbing song. Singing a climbing, climbing on a song. Singing a climbing song. Singing a climbing, singing, swinging, swinging. Singing and swinging. Singing and swinging. Singing a climbing song.   Oooh, woah. That was close to the edge. That was close to the edge, there, Ez. Okay, where am I going? Where am I going? Where am I going? I don't understand. Am I going that way? I guess that makes sense.   Uh. Buh. Jah. What! That was close! Okay. Got it! Oh, what!? Scary! Scary. Ugh, that was... Whoof. Heesh Hah. Oh, that would be convenient, and you're gonna say it again. [Ezio]: Perfect. A route up if I fall.   It's very convenient, but it seems very dangerous as well. But I'm not gonna fall. Why would I fall? I'm awesome. I'm way too awesome to fall. When was the last time I fell? Just a little while ago? No. I never fall. I'm too awesome for that.    I don't know where I'm going. I will not be too awesome to fall if I cannot figure out where I'm going. Okay, this looks promising. I can't... I can't jump from here? Yes, I can. Excellent.    Okay. I still go... Keep going up. Gotta keep going up. Up is the place to be. Now I'm very, very close to my final destination. Ah! Too far! Okay. Alright. Alright. I think...    'Claim the treasure from the Followers of Romulus.'    That is what I will do in the next episode of Hank Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0. And I will see you then. On the other side.