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In which Hank sings about a four-foot Squirrel, discusses a book about youtube and a project for awesome.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John; this video comes in three parts. Part One: Me singin' a song! This song is called "Four Foot Squirrel," but it is not by me; it is by Tom Milsom, also named "Hexachordal" on YouTube.

I was chattin' with him online, and I told him that I was working on a song about a homicidal squirrel, and he said, "Hey! I have a song about a squirrel," and he sent it to me, and then I covered it, and here it is!

[rhythmic slapping]

[sung] Oh, four-foot squirrel, why do you stand so tall? Well, I think it's trickery and you're not big at all. Do you not see the other squirrels laughing loud at your ill-thought-through dreams of height behind a hedgy shroud?

Now, don't get so discouraged that we saw right through your scheme. For after all, what else are squirrels ought to do but dream? But delusions of grandeur somehow crept into your head, whilst all the other squirrels dreamt of hazelnuts instead.

Oh, four-foot squirrel, why do you look away? Are you offended by the harshness that we say? Just bear in mind, friend, that whatever you do, we'll always be there just to point and laugh at you!

[rhythmic slapping]

[final chord]

[spoken] Tom Milsom. Click right here, in the box, in the box. Hexachordal. And this is probably gonna be the last cover that I do here at Vlogbrothers, so if you wanna continue hearing my covers, I think that I will be doing more at Click here. [unexcitedly] Whoo.

There are no giant squirrels in America, but I did go on Wikipedia and find out that there indeed giant squirrels in the world. The Indian giant squirrel is not quite four feet; it is three feet from nose to tail, and it's quite beautiful. I think that you should check out the Wikipedia page and learn all about the Indian giant squirrel. It's a threatened species that lives throughout peninsular India.

Part Two: Alan Lastufka published a book about YouTuuuuuube! There's an interview with me, here. There's an interview with LisaNova. Interview with Michael Buckley. And I've been reading it actually, like, cover-to-cover, which I never do with nonfiction books.

And there's a foreword by this guy who you might know, um, "author of New York Times best-seller 'Paper Towns'." It actually says that on there. [laughing] Way to go, Alan, to get them to change that; that was quick!

On the front here, it says, "No one knows more about building a YouTube fan base than the YouTube star Alan Lastufka. Alan and his coauthor, the well-known independent filmmaker Michael W. Dean, will show you a variety of effective strategies for becoming more popular, proceeding to the wisdom of this book, and I look forward to seeing you pass me on the YouTube Most Subscribed list." John Green, YouTube star and author.

If you would like to buy one of these, there's a link in the sidebar. It's got everything you need from understanding copyright law, to understanding the YouTube community, to "How to Cheat on YouTube and Why You Shouldn't." Really, there's a chapter called that.

There's even a little bit about ethical hacking, which Alan and I have been working on, uh, together... for the last week or so.

Which leads me to Thing Three, which is the Project for Awesome! Which you're going to find out more about tomorrow because I'm gonna make a whole dedicated video to the Project for Awesome, and yes, it is happening this year, and yes, it is happening soon!

So if you need time to make a video, make one now! Because we'll be Project for Awesome-ing officially on the 17th of December! And you will find out more about that in tomorrow's video, in which I will talk only about the Project for Awesome and how awesome it is. And if you don't know what the Project for Awesome is, then you should go to right now, and sign up for the Project for Awesome mailing list, which is on that side of

Thing, uh, Three-Point-Five, I guess: We are giving away a copy of Alan's YouTube book to someone who comments in the comments. If you would like one of these, you should probably buy it, 'cause chances are you're not gonna win it, but if you do leave a comment, you will get a signed copy of "YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts," the only YouTube book written by anyone who's spent an actual significant amount of time on YouTube, Alan Lastufka, one of my greatest YouTube friends. Leave comments below and you may get a free copy! DFTBA!