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In which John and Hank Green reunite to discuss the 2010 Project for Awesome and then proceed to challenge nerdfighteria to solve a dinnertable dispute in re. the energy output needed to create moon pasta and then discuss the new t-shirts at DFTBA Records.

The idea of the project for awesome is simple. You make a video in support of a charity you wish to support, and hopefully lots of people will watch and favorite and comment upon the video. P4A videos are particularly awesome and effective when they're well-edited videos that show us how the organization you support changes lives for the better. There are lots of ways to do this, but here are a few examples:

Shawn's video for the uncultured project:

Tyler Oakley's video for the trevor project:

Kristina Horner's video about First Book:

Such videos are often useful to the charities in question, too, so don't be surprised if someone from the organization contacts you! Thanks for participating in the project for awesome, nerdfighters. We love you, particularly those of you who read this far into the video description.


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A Bunny
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HANK: Good morning, John, it's Friday.

JOHN: Good morning, Hank, it is indeed Friday! Yes! That was a poor high five. Poor.

HANK: That was a bad high-five.

JOHN: Today's video comes to you in three parts. Part one...

HANK: announcement. Part two...

JOHN: ...a challenge, and part three...

HANK: ...another announcement.

JOHN: That is different from the first announcement.

Part one, an announcement. The 2010 Project for Awesome is happening.

HANK: It's on! You might remember in 2007 when John and I kind of realized that Nerdfighteria had become a pretty big deal, and we wanted to do something with the power that Nerdfighteria wields.

JOHN: We decided to take over YouTube and for one day, YouTube would not be about kittens on Roombas, or about giraffe love, it would be about charity.

HANK: And now for three years straight, we've been doing this very successfully, and it's been getting bigger and bigger every year.

JOHN: This year it's going to be the biggest it has ever been.

HANK: By far.

JOHN: There's going to be a huge, epic, live show out of Los Angeles.

HANK: We just got off the phone with YouTube. So YouTube's basically giving us the same kind of treatment that like Conan O'Brien and the president get where they're doing a four hour live stream on YouTube-

JOHN: So there's going to be this big live show, but there'll also be-- sorry...BAHHH! But there's also going to be traditional Project for Awesome stuff, which means that hopefully, all of you will upload amazing Project For Awesome videos on December 17th. The thing to do is to show us charities you care about in action.

HANK: And I know this might sound weird, but it might involve you getting out of your chair.

JOHN: You might have to leave your bedroom. And that's not something either Hank or I enjoy, and we are sympathetic to the fact that it is no fun for you, but if it makes for a better Project For Awesome video, it therefore makes for a better universe. And so...get out there!

HANK: So we're giving you some lead time this time, you have three weeks before December 17th to plan and execute your video. And we will be announcing more things in the future, so give you subejuvevuv...

JOHN: That was very eloquent, at the end particularly. I'm moved.

HANK: And we'll be giving you more details as time goes on, like the thumbnail, and the logo, and the websites, and et cetera.

JOHN: And for those of you who don't know much about the Project For Awesome, you'll find videos here, here, here, and here, and you'll also find some videos in the dooblydoo.

HANK: Part two: A challenge!

JOHN: We would like to challenge you, Nerdfighteria. Last night at dinner, Hank and I were discussing pasta.

HANK: Pasta and beef.

JOHN: Everyone knows that it is far more efficient in terms of energy output to create pasta than it is to create beef, and that remains true even if you import the pasta from, say, Italy...

HANK: But we were wondering, would this remain true if you were importing the pasta from somewhere farther away. Say like the moon.

JOHN: Like space.

HANK: So what we wanna know is, is it more efficient to fly Apollo 11 to the moon, pick up a load of pasta, fill up the capsule entirely and then ship it back...would it then be more energy intensive than growing a cow? Per calorie. That is our question. We hope that there are some of you who are nerdy and smart enough to give us an accurate answer.

JOHN: Because we couldn't figure it out.

HANK: Nope!

JOHN: So we are turning to you, because you never disappoint us. Nerdfighteria, if you successfully determine for us whether moon pasta is more efficient than earth beef, then we will allow you to challenge us to do something horrible. Part three...

HANK: The final announcement is that you may have noticed that it is Black Friday. So in the spirit of the holidays, DFTBA Records is lowering prices on some new shirts and some old favorites. Are you putting bunny ears...

JOHN: I was trying to but your head was too high.

HANK: The new shirts are the giraffe love shirt--

JOHN: Why are the shirts on my face?!

HANK: Because that's where they go! Two new DFTBA shirts, which we're calling the DFTBA University shirts, and the Giant Squid of Anger shirt, designed by amazing nerdfighter Vondell Swain.

JOHN: Aaaghhhaaaagaaa! Alright so quick recap:

HANK: for all of your t-shirt needs.

JOHN: Is it more efficient to have moon pasta or earth burgers, and...

HANK: The Project for Awesome, December 17th, get ready and be awesome. DFTBA, Nerdfighters, he'll see you on Monday.

JOHN: ...I guess I'm Teller now.