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In which Hank shares the bits of the Friday video that didn't get in. And you can see that, indeed, John and Hank are not so eloquent as they may seem.


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A Bunny
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HANK: Good morning J-, good morning, good morning, good morning John I, good morning, good morning John, good morning John I'm, good morning John I'm back home and I missed, good morning John I'm back home and I'm.

Good morning John it's Sunday. I'm back home and I missed you so much that I was watching our video that we did together, and I noticed how much funny stuff there was that didn't get to go in the video. So I'm making a special Sunday video in which all I'm doing is putting, ah, the funny parts that we didn't put in, into this video and it's pretty short, but I enjoy it and I hope you enjoy it and that's all I'm gonna do. John, I'll see you tomorrow.

JOHN: Alright, let's just record for twenty minutes. Everything we are about to say shall be funny.

HANK: We need to come in and out

JOHN: In! Out! Aah!

HANK: We're on rocking chairs.

JOHN: Today's video comes to you in three parts. Part one...

HANK: An announcement. Part two...

JOHN: A daaah I'm not ready!

For three years nerdfighteria has been taking over, did you just burp?

HANK: No, but I'm going to cut you off so that I can say that part.

JOHN: Ok, Yea, fine.

We were just talking to YouTube on the telephone. They were like, "Hey!" and then, yeah. That's actually our whole conversation.

HANK: Hey!

JOHN: Hey! What's going on YouTube? No yeah, we just, we were talking to YouTube, no big deal.

All of you will make videos on December 18th. Please door, you're ruining everything!

Gah, this is my video now!

HANK: And we will be announcing more things in the future so give you(incoherent babble).

JOHN: That was very eloquent at the end particularly I'm-- I'm moved.

And for those of you who don't know what the project for awesome--and for those of you who don't know what the project for awesome is, we're putting videos--and for those of you who don't know what the project for awesome--and for those of you who don't know what--and for those of you who don't know much about the project for--and for those of you--and for those of you who don't know what the project for awesome is--GAH I've said this 45 times!

HANK: Part two! A challenge!

JOHN: We will allow you to challenge us to do something horrible.

HANK: And when he says 'us'...I think he just means 'him'.

JOHN: Is that true?!

HANK: I'll do something horrible, too.

JOHN: I'll do something MORE horrible.

HANK: It's true. You always do something more horrible.

JOHN: I love the horrible things! I'm a masochist.

HANK: Part three, the final announcement--part three, the final ama--part three, the final amou--hehe

JOHN: HAHAHA I'm gonna make--actually, I'm just gonna

HANK: Just do an outtakes video

JOHN: It's all gonna be outtakes.

JOHN: In some ways, I feel like I invented the giant squid of anger so that Vondell could make that image.

Okay so quick recap!

HANK: for your..bbhbh..

JOHN: Okay so quick recap!

HANK: for your T-shirt needs

JOHN: Wrong.

JOHN: We've been doing this for four years. You're not on the screen right now...

HANK: I know I don't know how

JOHN: Uh..I think I just keep like pushing you out. Like 'THE FRAME IS MIIINE!'

Um...alright. So quick recap!

HANK: for your T-shirt needs.

JOHN: Uh...moonpies? No. Dammit!

HANK: Pies?!

JOHN: Ohhh....moonpies are a real thing in the South!

HANK: John I'll see you sometime.

JOHN: I mean like just as soon as you turn off the camera we'll probably continue to see each other.

HANK: John I see you right now!

JOHN: Bahahaha!

HANK: I see you!

JOHN: I know. I feel like you see me.

Last night Hank and Katherine were being their typical sort of uh...lefty namby pamby selves, and Katherine was like 'I wanna thank the fish,' and then my wife was like 'I see you, fish...'

HAHAHA That's the best joke ever!!

DFTBA Nerdfighteria!

HANK: We'll see you on Monday.

JOHN: We'll see you on Monday. We can't--

HANK: He'll see you on Monday.

JOHN: I'll see you on Monday.

JOHN: We should re-do that last part.