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I was in college when I received a handbill for a show called Penis Monologues. The pieces were written and performed by people in my community about their dicks and I was so excited to support this project and learn from the stories. The theater was above a bar, a small old stage for union meetings. One person after another stood in lights and shared their experiences having a penis. As a budding sexologist I thought this was brilliant and approached one of the performers afterward to ask if he would be willing to perform again for the classes I was teaching. He declined but sent me the written version of Penis Memories and gave permission for someone else to perform it on his behalf. Every semester thereafter I asked a student in my class to read the monologue to the class and on many occasions we were brought to tears, belly laughs, and realizations about sexuality. When I stopped teaching, I asked the author of the piece if he would be okay with someone performing Penis Memories to the Sexplanations' audience. With his consent we've been working for years on the right moment and the right actor to present this very video. Elijah (the performer) is in graduate school for acting. He was very easy to work with and put a lot of thought into how best to share these memories. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below.

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