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In which Lindsey gives you an A to Z of sexual terms.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Mining By Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod
Goodness gracious there are a lot of sexually related words out there. I've used a lot of them in videos, hoping that you would do some of your own research to look them up. But, to make things easier, here's an A-Z list of some interesting terms.

[intro fwap sound]

A. anaphrodisiacs - Unlike aphrodisiacs, which are intended to enhance sexuality through nature, anaphrodisiacs are turn offs, some sort of food or nature derivative that makes you feel unsexy. For me, it's capers. For Nick, it's fast food.

B. Bareback - Vaginal or anal penetration without a condom, like riding without a saddle. This can be both freeing and dangerous to your genitals.

C. Coitus - Sex.
    Coitus reservatus - Staying in the plateau stage and reserving orgasm. 
    Coitus interruptus - Withdrawing the penis so that you externally ejaculate. 
    Coitus more ferarum -  Vaginal penetration from the rear. 
    Coitus condomatus - Sex with a condom.
    Coitus diernus - Daytime sex.
    Coitus explanus - Sexplanations.

D. Douching - Flushing out the vagina with a liquid solution and if it's for the anus it's usually called an enema. And another D, don't do this regularly.

E. Erogenous - An adjective to describe things that are sexually related. More commonly referring to zones or areas of the body that are sensitive to sexual touch.

F. Frenulum - The skin that is or was connecting the foreskin to the underbelly of the penis. 

G. Glory hole - An opening in a wall through which people can negotiate and/or have anonymous sex. 

H. Hysteria - A once-was medical diagnosis where one treatment was doctor-induced orgasm. 

I. "I" forget too.

J. Jizm - Slang for semen.

K. Kegels - Pelvic exercises to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles or P.C. muscles. 

I'm demonstrating them right now.

L. Libido - The drive for pleasure. 

M. Masochism - Pleasure derived from receiving pain, unlike sadism which is pleasure derived from inflicting pain upon another.

N. Nymphomania - The female version of an excessive sex drive.

S. Satyriasis - That's the male version.

O. Oedipus - The theory by psychologist Sigmund Freud that youngsters, aged 3 to 5, are erotically desiring the parent of another sex. That is, until infantile amnesia kicks in and they forget the whole thing.
   Oedipus was king in Greek mythology, best known for fulfilling his destiny when he killed his father and married his mother.

P. Priapism - Named after the fertility god, Priapus, god of livestock, gardens, male genitalia. Priapism refers to an erection of the penis or clitoris that lasts more than four hours without any stimulation.

Q. Queefing - Releasing air from the vagina, also known as a vart.

R. Red rhapsody - A type of pornography or fetish featuring menstruation as a source of arousal. [singing tune of Bohemian Rhapsody] Put a towel on the bed, take showers after playing, wash off all the red, carry on, carry on, consent is all that matters.

S. Sodomy - Any penetrative sex that doesn't involve in a vagina. 
   Sodomy - Referring to the biblical city of Sodom. Wiped out by fire and brimstone, possibly because the citizens were fornicating. 

T. Two-spirit - An identity among indigenous North Americans usually referring to a mixed gender identity expression, such as having a male spirit and female spirit.

U. Urolagnia - Arousal via urine. The person enjoys water sports and golden showers, other names for play with urine.

V. Venereal - Of or relating to sexuality. Venereal like Venus, Venus like goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality.

W. Wanker - Someone who masturbates. And in line with Victorian thinking, someone who masturbates is an insult. 

X. XXX - A film rating which suggests the content is explicit, sexually charged, extreme. This also denote [kisses the air three times]

Y. Yonic - That which is similar in appearance to a vulva. I prefer the term "cunic".

Z. Ze, zhie, zher, zhir - Gender neutral pronouns so that people who identify as something other than male and female can be talked about.

Do you have more terms you would like Dr. Doe definitions of? Put 'em there. [pointing below]