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In which Lindsey tells a story using all the terms from the previous episode. Can you find them all?

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Mining By Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod
Last episode, we talked about twenty-six sex terms one for each letter of the alphabet. This episode I'm going to put each of these twenty-six words in sentences to make a fictional story out of them so that you know how to apply them in context.


So, our protagonist had been eating fruit. Do I like it with fur or without fur? Doesn't matter looks delicious. The yonic nature of this fruit quickly turned her on. For hours she couldn't soothe her hard on. Like a penis with priapism, no stimulation, and yet the clit was built like it had been doing its own form of kegels. She decided any style of sodomy would do, something to resolve the arousal. Needing sex like a drug, being excessively aroused is really painful. Not masochism painful, where it's positively pleasurable to experience pain, nymphomania painful, an affliction of hyper sexuality, like hysteria where the gal just needs an orgasm and just can't seem to function without one. At first, she tried pegging wearing a big strap-on and thrusting into her partner's anal erogenous zone. This wasn't doing it. He was afraid of any lingering Oedipus complex. Before more sex, he took her to the bathroom for a warm Golden Shower. I'm not into urolagnia, but we could watch porn, maybe something with glory holes. Her partner found a triple X video, Hole in the Wall, partitions separating various wankers, wankers spanking to get hard, and give more yanks. So long as they're practicing coitus condomatus. True, bare backing any hole means you're taking a risk. You could get a venereal disease like herpes, or HIV. Kay, what else can we do to suppress my libido. She decided to tickle his frenulum, and suggested Red Rhapsody. Something to get him involved. No thank you, I don't like having blood on my penis. Oops, I forgot. I don't like seeing jizzum on my sheets. So, let's seek outside help. Coitus outdoorsus? No, a two spirit person, they've been highly regarded by their tribe for connecting both female and male spirits. Perhaps they could help us resolve our sexual conflicts and your clit. And indeed, Zhe prescribed some anaphrodisiacs. With that, our protagonist's vagina let out a little queef of relief. The End.

Can I show you some things before I say a real goodbye? This is a pin that my friend got me. It's so I can have a ball. Next week I answer questions, and let you know where future meet ups are.