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‘Paper Towns’ stars Nat Wolff and Justice Smith have the perfect name for their John Green-clique.

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Nat: The John Green Fan Club.

John: (Laughs) That's nice man, thank you.

Nat: We love John Green.

John: I hope that catches on.

Nat: And we just, we, yeah. We want to keep working with him forever. So even if he has nothing to do with the, you know, the movie or the book that it's based off or even if I'm not in the movie I just, you know, I'll see you at the craft service table, bud.

(Question off screen)

John: We're the Snack Pack!

Justice: Oh! That's perfect!

Nat: Snack pack! Oh my God!

Justice: Snack Pack!

N: Snack Pack.

Justice: Wait, I think that's copyrighted actually.

John: That might be.

Justice: Snack Pack.

Off screen: Didn't you tell me it was called the Nat Pack?

John: Oh! The Nat Pack.

Justice: That is the obvious... (Laughs)

Nat: Dude. We're not supposed to talk about it.

Jo: The Nat Pack. That's what they should call it, the Nat Pack. And then everyone... Oh. You know who won't like the name the Nat Pack.

Nat: Everyone else besides Nat? All the other actors. Yeah.

John: Yeah. They're not going to like that at all.

Nat: Yeah.