The Nerdfighteria Wiki is all about the projects of John & Hank Green. It's a catalog of their videos and podcasts, and a place to transcribe them. It's also a repository of community articles and groups for their fans, known as Nerdfighters.

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Top transcribers

  1. runalovegood
  2. skigreta
  3. skipthestraw
  4. LoloTheBo
  5. zeebeedancer

Incomplete transcripts

  1. never get bored
  2. Why Do Neutrinos Have Mass? A Small Question with Huge Consequences
  3. Guess that gear! with Amp from WattsTheSafeWord
  4. Sexplanations Anniversary Episode Music Remix
  5. Make a Cut-Out with C├ęcile McLorin Salvant
  6. Doggie Style: What I've Learned from Dogs about Sex
  7. How to make artificial semen
  8. Art That Was Never Finished
  9. Sexplanations Subtle Vibrations
  10. LOVING ON EACH OTHER Sexual Fears Part 2

Nearly-complete channels

  1. scishow space (1)
  2. scishow psych (2)
  3. animal wonders (3)
  4. vlogbrothers (4)
  5. how to adult (4)