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Article: Hanks Channel (hankschannel)

Hank Green's YouTube channel, on which he sometimes uploads videos.

Those vary in quality and go from iPhone vlogs to longer versions of his Vlogbrothers videos or extras and bloopers.

Some videos explain how to make videos or show how Hank writes a Vlogbrothers script.

The videos have no time limit.

Hank started the channel November 7th, 2009, with this video.

Article: Orin Green

Orin Green is Hank and Katherine's son, born on October 29 (or 30) 2016. Hank initially announced Katherine's pregnancy at the end of the video Building Poe Dameron's X-Wing, a lengthy and seemingly unimportant video, as he wished to announce the news softly and not make a big deal of it.

In mid-October of 2016, Hank began announcing plans for paternity leave, including having guests fill-in for his roles on Vlogbrothers and other outlets. On October 31, he tweeted the announcement that their child had been born, along with announcing the baby's name and gender (a boy named Orin). The next day, John made a video announcing the news on Vlogbrothers.

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