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This table shows the top videos for this channel, using the same formula IMDB uses for their "Top 250 Movies" list.

Title Rating
Terrified 0.994675738671
I Spelled Tuesday Wrong 0.993770624036
Llama Face 0.990761254109
6 Episodes of SciShow 0.993044916961
Worried 0.992502817074
For Science : TMBG : Cover 0.986223000467
Do Animals Commit Suicide? 0.990646583189
Better Together -Katherine and Ali 0.992436143524
On States Getting More than they Give 0.989029461233
Why stock prices matter. 0.989767444732
Another Rant 0.990292877680
The Overwhelmingness of Caring too Much 0.992518611694
This Generation's Apathy 0.990409707974
Movie Theater Rant 0.986774503109
John and Rainn Wilson Talk Romance: Extended Cut! 0.989995926832
Luna Luna - Harry and the Potters with Evanna Lynch at LeakyCon 2012 0.983106346389
Carbon Ass Print 0.995374387871
An Indecent Proposal 0.992303665915
Cat in the Bath 0.991291309328
My Neighbor's CaT had Kittens. 0.992647102427
Girl Pockets 0.992034736434
Sixteen Tons Cover 0.988306011156
Pre-Signing with John 0.993323843965
Responding to Flak 0.987964044638
The Obama / Romney Tax Calculator 0.970552951136
Sexy Tinky Winky 0.990911453275
Is Charlie McDonnell Single Dot Com 0.992083150554
I Love Matt Damon 0.989106873690
Astounded by Advertisements 0.991475700859
Hank Rants About Advertisements. 0.991915095457
Esther Day Vlogging 0.992788995277
My VidCon Set 0.993571949374
Lizzie Bennet Bloopers 0.994113758102
Google+ified YouTube ReDesign 0.988741049129
How Hank (doesn't) Tie His Shoes 0.993525658155
Table Topics Outtakes 0.997030522273
Adorable Crazy Squirrel 0.994666439810
My AdBlock Rant 0.800134777528
AHHHHHHHHHH 0.993542735510
Less-edited, outakey video thing of me talking to Charlie 0.995245797829
Your Help Needed... 0.990223754439
I'm the One That's Cool Cover -- Hank Green 0.985082535376
Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (Dr Frank Cover) 0.984969338040
The Metaphorical Implications 0.995672176547
Kony 2012 and Complexity 0.984634422832
EXTENDED CUT! Of Hank and Michael Putting Together the Falcon 0.993096957120
Arguing with Frezned 0.980065460744
The Biggest Shake-Up in YouTube History: Explained 0.989341575064
Hank Shaves - Uncut 0.991284793427
Joe Incandella of the CMS team at the LHC 0.991699645299
The Actual End 0.997015192824
Hank Procrastinates in Song Form 0.991232199350
Happy 4th! 0.991929281900
...With Purpose 0.992069414599
An Hour of Me Editing a Vlog 0.987577533016
On The Floor with Hank and Shay 0.994063007746
Fan Comp Video of Hank Green Seattle 0.991911812552
How Can a Telescope See the Past 0.991969249436
Louie Louie - A Cover and Tiny History lesson 0.990237545980
Four More Top Fails!! 0.993566214299
Hank's w00tstock Show: Part 2 0.992357438145
Hank's w00tstock Show: Part 1 0.993129593625
Facts are Facts..OK? 0.977431531369
Louie Louie 0.989202990510
What's Between the Cuts? 0.992421114488
Hank's Thoughts on the New Design 0.990476878680
The Ethics of Dead Animals 0.993427185523
A Chat with YouTube 0.981841871176
Plastic cup. Encased in Ice 0.973382844314
Lemon in the Snow 0.992901951226
Some Out Takes from the Zoology Museum 0.988795409564
Living with a Chronic Disease 0.995573126230
Olloclip Xmas 0.991901443672
In a Cave with Michael and Katherine 0.991393216758
Lemon Running 0.984409811735
2013 0.993879441937
One Stupid Joke... 0.991326355554
Hank and Vi on Being Weird 0.990945237740
DVG, SourceFed, Phil, Wil, Greg, and Tyler 0.992536070334
Snook! 0.993899578904
A Message to People Under 20 0.981439351258
A Message to People Under 20 0.986007237302
50 First Dates Rant. 0.992162215215
Absolutely Bill's Mood - TMBG Cover 0.985265217449
UK and Ireland Food Video 0.989505234465
John and Sarah and Obama and Elenalice 0.994124307546
John and Obama and Pennies 0.995041415942
Little Infinity Packing at DFTBA 0.993790951204
Back Home - Did I Miss a Day? 0.991878318110
Vlogbrothers Nostalgia 0.994411211133
The Pronunciation of GIF 0.980938019069
A Tour of my Bookshelf 0.993214733439
Why YouTube Cannot Die 0.992734621183
VEDA #1 - April Fools and Harlem Shakes 0.993334130764
How Hank's VEDA 2013 Will Work 0.993971297512
VEDA 3 - BOOK SUGGESTIONS! 0.992733193058
VEDA #4 - Orson Scott Card is a Dick 0.951662180183
What if YouTube Stopped Existing? 0.995097509719
Disney, Fanart, and Copyright 0.994409290931
Hank's Camera Lenses! 0.990638232576
My Leaving Home Story 0.994767654630
VEDA from LA with Hannah and Felicia! 0.992763946728
LA DAY TWO! 0.994951837039
LOS ANGELES AGAIN 0.987262157794
Sexuality with Stefan! 0.991277436893
How I Met My Wife 0.995010116186
VEDA on Vlogging 0.994402757778
Toilet Tag 0.988342250637
My Lemon Story 0.994639301267
The YouTube Signup Process: 2013 0.983863684786
The Fault in our Death Stars 0.984213135357
Thoughts on Lizzie 0.991621573850
IT'S PRONOUNCED GIF!!! 0.982941070219
Bloopers from the Whip-Pan Question Video 0.992669850392
A Space Telescope for Everyone 0.993169674386
The Full Dougie 0.993474879237
Sexplanations Pre-Launch Sunset Party 0.990153205067
CENSUS ANALYSIS! 0.994903849519
Happy Birthday John!! 0.996597166959
Why are Chemical Weapons Different? 0.983503908535
Equality FTW Live Show! 0.985511497665
How Long is a Millions Seconds 0.994958626166
How to Link Your YouTube Channel with G+ 0.980393391363
The New YouTube Comment System 0.982222416976
Hank and John Arm Wrestling WHO WILL WIN! 0.997475150806
Sisters - Covered by Hank - Just 'Cause 0.982368178630
Crazy Day at the DFTBA Warehouse 0.992137542193
John Talking in Chicago in 2008 0.993460373355
Hank and the Tree: Behind the Scenes 0.995319291704
The Promised Slam 0.991849311277
Let it Go - Acoustic Punk Cover - Hank Green 0.959469974030
Full Time Lapse of Leaving Fort Lauderdale 0.992185816554
I F***ing Love Science (Uncensored) 0.985724612526
2014 Nerdfighter Census Analysis 0.995229521598
Hank's Tour Diary Part 1! 0.992272375775
How to Deal with Copyright Claims (And More) 0.981097790149
An Hour of Me Writing a Script 0.990665138747
A Completely Unedited Video in the Style of Vlogbrothers 0.991599115070
Question Tuesday Out Takes 0.997145945893
Meet Kelly, The First Recipient of a Nerdfighter Indie Creator Grant 0.974461631323
SO MANY COOL THINGS! 0.991869702914
Goat Soap from my Mom 0.996025900010
The Loudness War 0.995317151791
Hank and John, Thanksgiving Out-Takes 0.996740929584
Project for Awesome Tips! 0.994384478557
Nerdfighter Groups Around the World 0.994718616977
Marriage Is What Bwings Us Togevah Today 0.982973255599
The Hunt for the Christmas Tree 0.992995056119
Tour Because Awesome Is Coming To Your Town! 0.991705575593
The Renaissance and the Way We Celebrate It 0.991240333220
Vlogbrothers Takedown and Tour and Stuff 0.993791596687
GIF RANT CONTINUES 0.988911404535
My Whole Trip to LA According to my Snapchat 0.985582932873
Nerdfighteria Census 2015 Analysis! 0.995815597365
Yellowstone National Park Footage: Creative Commons Free License 0.990745320892
How to Play Wizard School 0.990939037192
A Long Video About Paid YouTube (YouTube Red) 0.976470377377
An Hour of Karen Coloring an Owl (in 3 minutes) 0.993007626181
Hanksock on Death - A Scene for your Consideration 0.982519549128
LIVE from the DFTBA.com Warehouse 0.990167976001
FROM THE ARCHIVE: The Final Museum Tour With Emily 0.994029810721
FROM THE ARCHIVE: My Trip to the Whitehouse 0.993785120667
Why You Should Get YouTube Red 0.804763857532
How Much Do You Make from YouTube Red? 0.975943939197
Here's a Dumb Thing 0.983330617905
Testing 0.989312616196
Just a (not so) Quick Overview of Everything Going On With Me 0.994529139998
Unboxing a Present from YouTube 0.994935383571
Vlogbrothers and The News 0.989919325411
Gaming the Comment Algorithm 0.974088377460
Building Poe Dameron's X-Wing (MOST FRUSTRATING METAL EARTH KIT EVER) 0.993682832400
Love, Appreciation, and How We Express Them 0.994837263105
Why NerdCon: Stories is Failing 0.991449317339
2016 Nerdfighteria Census Analysis 0.988523774872
10th Anniversary Wood Cuts 0.995157122219
Here are some of the HARD QUESTIONS 0.989050868137



Article: Hanks Channel (hankschannel)

Hank Green's YouTube channel, on which he sometimes uploads videos.

Those vary in quality and go from iPhone vlogs to longer versions of his Vlogbrothers videos or extras and bloopers.

Some videos explain how to make videos or show how Hank writes a Vlogbrothers script.

The videos have no time limit.

Hank started the channel November 7th, 2009, with this video.

Article: Orin Green

Orin Green is Hank and Katherine's son, born on October 29 (or 30) 2016. Hank initially announced Katherine's pregnancy at the end of the video Building Poe Dameron's X-Wing, a lengthy and seemingly unimportant video, as he wished to announce the news softly and not make a big deal of it.

In mid-October of 2016, Hank began announcing plans for paternity leave, including having guests fill-in for his roles on Vlogbrothers and other outlets. On October 31, he tweeted the announcement that their child had been born, along with announcing the baby's name and gender (a boy named Orin). The next day, John made a video announcing the news on Vlogbrothers.

Note: The site will be unavailable for most of Saturday (Jan 21).