The AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys are the team that John plays in FIFA 14. The team features old favorites like Bald John Green and Other John Green, and introduced new stars, like Ya Bamba and Seb Brown.

With this team, John managed to win FA Cup in the spring of 2014, pushing John, the John Greens, and the rest of the team into League 1, and allowing them to play other European countries.

In nearly every video, John reminds Meredith (and the rest of the viewers) of the two penalties that Seb Brown saved against Luton Town, sending AFC Wimbledon into League 2 of British football and allowing them to be played on FIFA 14.

The real AFC Wimbledon is a team that is owned and paid for by its fans. The nerdfighter community contributes to this, by paying for ads in their stadium, through the money John gets from the Youtube advertisements on the videos. Infact, the videos raise so much money that currently the Nerdfighter logo appears on their shorts. As of August 2015, John sponsors the North stand at the team's ground; the stand is now known as the John Green stand.

The real life AFC Wimbledon team has been very kind to this odd, yet affectionate, attention, and the offical AFC Wimbledon Youtube channel comments on almost every video. The club has also hosted a gala screening of the Paper Towns movie at Wimbledon Odeon.