The Ning is a social media website made for Nerdfighters on the make-your-own-social-media website ning. The ning is kept in order by a select group of nerdfighters known as "ning-masters." The Ning's tagline is "A place where nerds gather and play. We increase awesome and fight world suck."

On the Ning, an extensive blog of nerdy things can be found chronicling everything from Neil deGrasse Tyson to book recomendations. There is also a forum feature to the website. In addition, there is a spot for Nerdfighter projects. There is also an almost continuous chat between nerdfighters around the world in a chat box at the bottom of the screen on every page on the website.

On January 24, 2016, Hank Green made a post on the Ning announcing that it would be shutting down indefinitely on February 1, 2016, due to the rising financial cost of maintaining the Ning. A new Ning was launched shortly after the old one was scrapped, this time with a cap at 100,000 members.