The Swindon Town Swoodilypooper Fan Community is just what it sounds like. They are nerdfighters who support the Swoodilypoopers. The make songs, memes and other things that celebrate the awesomeness of the Swoodilypoopers The Swoodilypoopers Fan Community has recently been chanting "We want points, not gingers" because of John's ignorance and saying that we can repeat the past.

Swindon Town Swoodliypoopers by davegoddin
Fat Lucas Anthem by pickchick38
An Ode to Love by pickchick38
Ballad of Bald John Green by Patrick Hogaland
Nil Nil Draw by louisfoulkes
The Man Behind the Swoodilypoopers by paigelfinch

If you know about more songs about our swoodilypoopin' heroes, PLEASE feel free to add them! DFTBA!