The Project for Awesome began, as usual, on December 17 at noon; the 48-hour livestream ended on the 19th, but the Indiegogo page lasted until midnight on the 21st.

The Project set new records by raising more than $1.5 million dollars total ($720,151 from the Indiegogo page, $869,146 from the main website and $4707.42 from comments).

Perks included posters, clothes, books, and artwork, a great many of which were signed; a complete list is on the Indiegogo page. Perks were added throughout the livestream (such as Hank & Co.'s game of Foldy Foldy Draw Draw).

The movie poster design for The Fault in Our Stars was announced during the livestream, and the Indiegogo was the only chance to buy one (5859 people did).

The perks also included a much publicized "duel" between the Men of YouTube calendar and the Women of YouTube calendar; despite being behind toward the beginning, the Men of YouTube calendar sold more by the end. 

Hank began with only 250 Hanklerfish; when they sold out, he added 50 more at a higher price. He ended up doing this three times as each successive tier sold out.

The least expensive perk was a copy of Hank's "Thinking About Holiday Songs" album (for $6); the most expensive was 1 painting of Emily Graslie's, which sold quite quickly.