Roman Penna Day is yearly event celebrated mainly by the Australian Nerdfighter community on the 20th of Feburary.


It started in 2012 when Nerdfighter, YouTuber and Songwriter Roman Penna posted on a post in the Australian Nerdfighter Facebook Group "Sorry off to bed now, throat sore...see the notifications tomorrow" at which point many of his friends took this as an invitation to repeatedly tag his name to build up his facebook notifications. This in turn led to a growing interest on the Australian Nerdfighter Facebook page of Name Puns, General Puns and good-intentioned Name Spam.

It was soon decided among the Australian Nerdfighter Community that this would be an annual celebration.


A purpose for the celebration was made by his friend Sam stating that:

"Firstly this is an Annual Australian Nerdfighter celebration to celebrate the start of something which became part of the ANf culture. The idea of Name Puns, the widespread use of puns in general and name spam as well as being a celebration of kind of the Fun playful side of the Nerdfighting community. Somebody more poetic than me will probably post in the comments a better description.

This is not a celebration to Glorify Roman (Despite the proper adjective for referring to Roman Penna Day being Glorious), this is not a celebration to give Roman a hard time (though some may argue it is a side effect), in fact it has little to do with Roman Penna at all (more or less what he as an individual symbolizes (too cliche? Yeah, too cliche). Roman like all of you Doesn't Forget to Be Awesome so really, that's what we're celebrating."

Essentially the day is a celebration of the fun and light heartedness of Nerdfighteria and that experienced by Australian Nerdfighters.

Roman Penna Day has been celebrated every year since. The proper adjective to use in conjunction with Roman Penna Day is Glorious (i.e. Have a Glorious Roman Penna Day).

Roman on his channel: