A controversial tale from the Green household. The case of the poopy nintendo boils down to the question of how the fecal matter of John and Hank's dachshund, Red Green, got into the Green family nintendo. John attempts to solve the mystery in the video, The Case of the Poopy Nintendo.


John had this Nintendo he valued highly when he was young and one night he left the game flap open. The next morning he found poop in the place where you put the game. John has previously established that this act was not perpertrated by either of his parents, and so the blame must lie either with Hank or with Red Green himself. Now John endeavours to solve this mystery once and for all! 

In Poopy Nintendo Solved! He hypothesizes that it was a flashbulb memory and his brain made it up. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that no other member of the Green family has any recollection of this event whatsoever.