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In which I explain the rules of the New Truth or Fail:

We give you two facts, you pick the truth, or you fail.


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I don't know if you remember Truth or Fail.

You might. You might remember that I was kind of a great big fail. But that doesn't mean that I didn't like the idea.

But it definitely did need to be refined. And, so that is what I have done. I am happy to announce that John and I, as of today, are relaunching Truth or Fail and it's going to act slightly different than the original Truth or Fail.

The basic idea is the same. We give you two facts. You choose the true one, or you fail.

But, we've introduced some modifications which should make the whole thing run a little bit more smoothly. The most important modification is that there are two Truth or Fail channels. There's the one that you should subscribe to, which is at and there's the one that you shouldn't subscribe to, and that second channel is where all the answer videos go, whereas the first channel only gets the first video.

So, no, you will not get twenty five videos in your subscription box every time a new Truth or Fail video gets posted. If you want 25 videos in your subscription box you can subscribe to the no subscribe channel but you probably don't. The other difference is that Truth or Fail videos will be posted in two places. 1 on the host's channel, which is right now me.

And 2 at Now, you'll notice I didn't say they're just posted on the vlogbrother's channel. That's because they're not just going to be done by Vlogbrothers.

That's right. We're working on having lots of different truth or fail hosts and I'm not read to announce who the first not me host is going to be, but it will be cool. I promise you.

I'm excited about it. So, most likely, you are watching this at, but you could be watching it at And as new truth or fail videos come out, they will be hosted by different people and they won't be hosted at the Vlogbrothers channel.

But they will be hosted at Have I said that enough times yet? I don't know.

Maybe one more that's probably enough talking about this. On with the show! Hello, this is Hank Green.

You are watching Truth or Fail. Oh, yes, it's very simple. I just read you two facts and you uncover the truth or you fail. you are probably not interested in whatever else I have to say, so let us begin.

Fact 1. Strippers make more money when ovulating. When they're fertile.

Than when they're menstruating, when they're not fertile. Or 2. Albert Einstein loved playing Scrabble.