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Music is Bianca Stratford by BB Bean (my favorite jam of the summer) and you can stream it wherever streams are streamed.

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Good morning, John Maybe not quite like this, this seems a little bit much  hhhaa… are you sure?

Just ignore them.  Just ignore them. No, talk to me.

Talk to me.  You talk to me. You talk to me. We're at Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart's vacation rental,  the Highball House in Palm Springs, CA.

I'm hiding something.  If somebody ever stays here. Okay  It's just a note that I've written on the underside of something.  Wow. Just defacing the property.

Putting things on things.  It's a trash can. Older than "none pizza on left beef"  ... our marriage is. Oh.  But only by one year.

Oh!  Andy wants to know what's the, your favorite video we made made together.  I don't know, I like answering questions but I think that the best one we ever did  was where we cooked that, those bad, old foods. That is the best one.  You can't. It's so, I mean, it's one of the hardest I've  ever worked on a vlogbrothers video.

And for like, no results!  Yeah. It's not like any of that food was good.  Well that's, no, we never went  back to any of those recipes.  Noooo.... Who's your favorite Mr.

Darcy?  Original Mr. Darcy. Extra tasty, crispy, Mr.

Darcy, from the book.  From just like book Mr. Darcy? Yeah  Who's your favorite person who's played Mr.

Darcy? Guess!  Colin Firth Yeah! Mr.

Darcy! Miss Bennet! Relatedly, but not really, who's  your favorite person on Task Master?  I really want to know if we say the same person.

You can't beat Bob Mortimer. I'm not gonna have a poo. in any contest  You can't beat! Bob Mortimer is my #1!

You can't beat Bob Mortimer in any contest.  "no way" B-Bob; "Noo Wee!", whoever   that guy, is is up there, too. Would you rather fight one Hank-sized pelican,  or four pelican-sized Hanks? Oh, four pelican-sized Hanks, for sure!  Ha!

Yeah, but I'm, like, nice and you like me! Pa-pa-pa-pow!  Would you rather hug one Hank-sized pelican or four pelican-sized Hanks?  Hank-sized pelican Oh, no!  Hahahahaha... I'm sorry!

You wouldn't hug a bunch of little me's?  Mmm... Nah! Yeah, I see that.  Do you have a favorite Hank Green song?

Trying to think about concert,   "The Universe is Weird" Oh yeah, that's a super fun one live.  That one's awesome live [yeah]  because it gets real weird.  We turn that one into, like, a jam song. Yeah, which is  And I'm always in the audience for  Universe. I'm like down in there.  I'm like, "Here I come!" What's your favorite Pizzamas shirt this year?

That one is really good. Orin says it. He's like,   "Why are you always wearing Pizza John?" Ha ha ha  "Why is Pizza John everywhere?" That's my boy Could a spherical pizza have toppings  on both the inside and the outside?  Uhhhh?

But how would you cook it?  I mean you could definitely imagine, like, some  sort of mathematical, like, like a conceptual,   like Möbius strip pizza. Möbius strip pizza. Oh, and then, finally, from Josie Can, or should Hank grow a mustache?  You're welcome to grow a  mustache if you would like to.  You're always learning something  new, even after seventeen years!  I thought the answer to that  was going to be "no" and "no".  I definitely cannot grow a  mustache, um, branding-wise.  Oh, yeah!

No, yeah! That's a whole other question. That's a whole other question.

Katherine, thank you for being  married to me for 16 years.  Thank you... for... the wildest  way it could possibly have gone!  Hahahaha! John, Happy Pizzamas! we'll see you on Wednesday! [

Music: Bianca Stratford   by BB Bean]