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Vote for Uplift - Online Communities Against Sexual Violence


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2017 is the year of the survivor.  

Every person who has ever spoken out, not just this year, but in generations before us, is finally being heard.

An irrepressible chorus of #metoos is being reverberated around the internet with more voices being added every day.

And there are many more survivors who are unable to add their stories to the masses.

Together, we are saying what we all have always known.

That enough is enough and that harassment and predatory behavior must be brought to an end.

If we work together to keep this movement going

Then 2018 will be the year for continued change

And we here at Uplift are helping to make it possible.

Here at Uplift, we are working to make sure the online communities that we love and maintain together remain safe

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality.

Last year, we received a portion of Project for Awesome donations.  In the past year, we had trained volunteers and staff at community cons from Tekko and MAGFest to VidCon and NerdCon in bystander intervention, working with survivors, and creating a safe environment for attendees.  At cons, we speak on panels about positive fandom, online harassment, creating community guidelines, and supporting survivors, and we get a feel for the safety experiences of attendees by running out Elephant at the Con survey so we can better personalize and improve our trainings and recommendations.  

We are also starting to bring out trainings and resources directly to you. 

We have recently relaunched our YouTube channel with our second series of Engage and more videos.

We have plans for so much more.

We want to work with you to make our community safer

And we need your help to do that.

Please vote for this and any other Uplift videos in the Project for Awesome

Join our social media community by finding us at uplifttogether at all online platforms.

We have all seen the power of the #metoo movement.

Let's together embrace its impact and work to help people have to say it much less in the years to come.