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Hank and Charlie are a little confused.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Shoot it on the floor here. Shoot the floor. The white floor.

Charlie: Yep.

H: Yes that's...

C: Just a little bit rusty, that's all.

H: Uh, that didn't actually help at all.

C: Hello.

H: Hello. Um, one of us has to stand on this thing.

C: Oh God.

H: Did that help?

C: We've both done this before, what is going on?

H: That worked didn't it? Didn't that open that door?

C: I thought we should start again.

H: Ah!

C: That was an embarrassing moment.

H: I'm stuck in this room now. How do you, how does this door open?

C: We just need to both be here. I'm pretty sure you just need to come over here. Yeah.

H: Oh.

C: Lovely. All right, OK.

H: I didn't realize that we could just both walk up to the door. and that would...

C: Yeah.

H: That would do it. But yeah.

C: We weren't that bad the first time we did that either.