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Our biggest event of the year is happening on May 15th! Join us for Career Day at TFD and get the guidance you need when it comes to your career, work/life balance, professional development, and finding the right path for yourself. Get your ticket here:

Click here for more information on the day's events:

Dozens of career experts and HR professionals will share their tips, expertise, and insights so you can work towards building the career path that makes the most sense for you (no matter what that looks like)!

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, looking to change paths, thinking of starting your own project, or just want to be earning what you’re really worth, this all-day conference will give you the skills, tricks, and key habits you need to curate the career you’ve always wanted — no matter what income you might be working with.

Tickets are just $29 for 8 hours of live programming! If you can’t make it day-of, your ticket gets you access to a recording of the full event to watch whenever!

Watch more of The Financial Diet hosted by Chelsea Fagan here:

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