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I am sick.
Hank: Michael, whatcha doing? 
Katherine: -laughs-
H: What are you doing with your phone?
Michael: I was- I was, uh, looking at the nearby Jimmy John's locations.
H: But we're in a car.
M: Yeah, but we're going slow enough that they could just pull up next to us, we could both roll down our windows and they can throw sandwiches into our car.
H: Ooh, that sounds like fun.
K: That does sound like fun. 
H: They'd have to be on scooters though so they could get here.
K: Hmm, that's true. 
M: Yeah. 
H: We have arrived in Chicago. I have a rhinovirus. I've been taking zinc gluconate, which is the only supplement that I believe in. Um, you can give me advice in the comments about which supplements I should also be taking. Chicago, I have noticed, is a really slow place to get around in. That's all I've noticed so far. And it's humid and cloudy. I've only been here once before, but I have faith that I will enjoy it this time. Anybody have any parting words? 
M: I'm hungry. 
K: Words. 
H: That was your parting words? 
K: -laughs- 
M: That was a parting word.