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How can reaching out to isolated kids help you? Insight and advice from the best-selling author of The Fault in Our Stars.
So when you're a kid you're going to encounter people, you know, who are new to your community or people who are isolated or feel alone or ostracized for various reasons, whether it's because of their interests or disability or whatever it is. Um, when you are kind and generous to those people, I have found in my own life that those people turn out to be the coolest people, they turn out to be the best, most loyal friends, they turn out to be the funniest people, they turn out to be the people who are able to be unironically passionate about the world around them which is exciting for you too. It's such a gift to you to reach out to those people so I would encourage kids to do it not just because it's a gift to the kids who feel isolated but also because it will be a gift to everyone involved. Those are the best relationships in my life.