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Hank: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, Hank.  Today, we're going back into Neverending Nightmares, and we're gonna see if we can avoid Bloody Eyes this time.  

Alright, here we go, we're in the insane asylum and we're gonna go and see if we can meet up with Bloody Eyes.  So this game has an interesting save mechanic, oh man, I hear Bloody Eyes already.  Hey, how's it going?  Just don't run.  Ohhh, man!  That was unexpected!  Is there anybody in there?  No.  How many of there are you?  Oh, hey, Other Bloody Eyes.  You're really big.  I had not realized you were so large.  Okay, was this some kind of a psychological treatment--the, the cutting of your eyes out of your head, 'cause that seems like a bad, a bad way to make somebody feel better.  Is that just a hand?  It is.  It's just a hand.  It's just a hand, no big.  No big.  Okay.  Uh, right, the kitchen, that seems like a totally--we're in the kitchen.  This is--oh this is the cafeteria, this is the cafeteria, you can tell, 'cause this is the kitchen.  Well.  There's just been some accidents happening here.  Let's try this room first.

Alright, no, no, this is, oh man, people.  The apocalypse occurred.  It's just a nightmare, it's just a dream, that's a lot of garlics.  They're doing fine.  Goin' back and dealing with the frickin' Bloody--oh, your arm.  Huhhh, huhh, ohhh, he's fast, he's fast, he's fast, why was he so fast?  God dang it!  Oh, don't get too close to Bloody Eyes.  Maaan.  

Get in there.  Oh, you're--no, don't worry about it!  Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends, me and Bloody Eyes?  Why can't we be friends, Jeff just wants to be friends, aaaaah!  God dang it!  Ughhh.  Don't get too close.  You can't--you can't fight this guy off, he doesn't even have arms, Jeff, jeez.  Just try and get his mouth not on your jugular, 'cause that--okay, go nice and slow, nice little stutter step here, oh jeez, okay, well, you're going that way, I'm goin' this way then.  Nope.  No worries.  Alright, okay, everything is fine, just go to Block A Security, and let's hope that we're--oh, let's just keep going deeper into the dungeon of the mental asylum, 'cause everybody knows the blood is--now there's so much of it that I just sort of feel desensitized, like, of course there's blood, it's this game, this game has lots of blood on the walls, because Bloody Eyes has been tearing open peoples' throats.  Um, Jeff, you have that shifty eyes there for a second, but now you're just lookin' straight.  Okay.  Those are always very long staircases.  Okay.

I don't hear Bloody Eyes right now, so that's pro.  Pro?  I'm pro that, I think is what I meant to say.  So should I run?  I shouldn't though.  If I run, Bloody Eyes will come out of nowhere just pop up out of the floor and eat me, because that is what he do.  Alright, let's look in this window and see if there's anything to see.  Wake up.  I would love to do that, thank you for the advice!  Showers.  I would also like a shower, I feel a little dirty having walked around this bloody mental asylum.  This looks like a place where people come to die.  This also looks like a place where people come to die.  There's blood dripping out of the showers, you guys.  Blood.  And a hand.  Bloody showers and a hand on the floor.  Thank you for the advice, I am looking forward to waking up sometime in the future.

Alright, I hear Bloody Eyes again.  Ohhh, wow, Bloody Eyes, you have got, you've accomplished a great deal here with all of the different arms and ohhh, whoa, I didn't expect that!  Where are--oh, wow, I gotta--that's gonna be a tight one.  Or am I gonna go behind you?  Do I have to go behind you and then slip in behind you?  Shhhh--ohhhh noooooooo!  I didn't like it.  

So, don't get too close to Bloody Eyes, and then go right down below him, okay, that's excell--no, don't worry about me, don't worry about me at all!  That guy actually still has a head.  There are several people in there who still have heads.  That's impressive.  Um.  So this seems a little bit like what you might call a neverending nightmare.  Ah--hahahaha, okay.  I don't know how to get...through this.  Not coolness.  Alright, well, I'm just gonna stand here, just Jeff, hangin' out, nothing scary, it's just like no one's gonna get me if I just keep standing here forever, so I'll just do that, okay, yay!  I don't know how to get past this guy.  Are you gonna keep walking for a while, so I can sneak behind you?  Eughhh, I don't like--no, you're not.  Oh, that was really close, that was really close, alright, going behind Bloody Eyes here.  Should I go into this little alcove here and just be like very quiet?  I should.  That's what I'm gonna do.  That is the only option.  This must work.  

Doot-do-doot-do-doot-do-doot-do.  Nobody sees Jeff, he's just hangin' out, he's a very quiet, very quiet, very nice--oh, God, the crying.  Oh God, the crying.  Alright, got past, got past two more Bloody Eyes, everything is fine.  What does it say in this one?  Should I not do this?  I shouldn't, I shouldn't, Bloody Eyes is too close.  Too close, I don't care enough, don't care enough to risk it.  Okay, that would have been bad if I had died.  Okay, no wheezing or gasping and ohh--somebody just exploded in that one.  That was just, somebody just popped.  Somebody inflated too much and they popped.  Okay.  

No wheezing, I think I can run a bit, 'cause it's scary and I'm tired of--haaaaaaaa!  Oh, he's talking, like he speaks English.  Why does he speak English?  That is really disconcerting.  I liked it much more when they were--I--wow, the talking was super creepy.  Whoo, wow, hoooo-okay.  Go on in.  Have I been here before?  There is a lot of Bloody Eyes to deal with, you guys.  I feel like I've been here before, am I--did I somehow figure out how to go backwards again?  Don't worry about it.  Ahhh, what was that!  Ahhh, I didn't--did I step on something?  Ah, dang it, I stepped on something!  Ahhh, so close.

Ahhhhhh, okay, go on in.  There was like, some stuff on the ground, I stepped on it, it made noise, and Bloody Eyes was like, hey, that sounds like lunch!  Ohhh, man.  Shhh, don't worry about it.  No, don't turn around.  Why?  Oh, look at all that frickin' broken glass on the floor.  That is terrible news.  More explosions.  Alright, keep movin'.  No, I just like run, just run through, aahhhh, okay.  OHHh, he's in my room, he's in my room!  Ohhh God!

(In-game: What's going on?)

Hank: I don't know, Gabby!

(Gabby: I've told you repeatedly to address me as Dr. Smith.)

Hank: I'm sorry, Dr. Smith.

(But you're my sister.

Gabby: I'm afraid you're mistaken.

Where am I?

Gabby: You're in a lunatic asylum and have been for quite some time.)

Hank: Why is the wallpaper skulls?!

(Why am I here?

Gabby: Why do you think that you're here?

I don't know.

Gabby: We've reached the end of our session.  Please see yourself out.)

Hank: 'Cause I'm crazy.  I'm here 'cause I'm crazy.  Bangity bang de-bang bang.  I don't wanna see myself out, I wanna see myself not be asleep anymore!  Enjoy your book, lady.  Dr. Smith or whatever you call it.  I don't know.  Alright.  

Oh good, more frickin' Bloody Eyes.  Oh, and another giant pile of dead bodies.  'Cause I haven't had enough of that yet.  Whatcha doin', Bloody Eyes?  Oh, you're comin' back?  This sounds like it's impossible to get--to--to--oh, you're just blocking everything.  There's no way to get past you.  My God, why have you forsaken me?  That looks familiar.  But I don't understand, how do I get past this--ahh.  Ahh, I stepped on the blood.  AAHHH.  Okay, well I figured out how to do it.  Ahhh, I just didn't like doing it, and I didn't like what I did to figure it out, which was unpleasant.  I had to walk on some glass and then he's gonna run there and then I'm gonna be over here and then he's not gonna eat me, and it's gonna be great.  Success, everyone's doing so well, ohh, there's so many dead people.  Alright, now, is there another one?  I don't--ugh, sounds like there's another one.  The camera isn't giving me a lot of lead time here.  I can--why aren't you showing me--okay, good, we're good, everything's fine.  

Right.  Okay.  The blood is still a little disconcerting when it's dripping out of the ceiling, it doesn't really seem like a necessary thing, I don't know why the building is--oh, I walked on glass again, but that time it was okay, because there's no Bloody Eyes.  I don't hear anybody at all.  Run a bit, just gettin' through this, just exit?  Exit!  Exit!  Exit sounds awesome, it sounds like there's not gonna be any dead people out there!  

Hehhhh.  Okay.  There's a--okay.  We're uh...goodness.  It's not letting me go that way.  Not--okay, apparently this is the only way to go.  Ohhh.  You wanna jump off the edge?  That was--is that really the only choice here, I have to jump off the edge?  Can't go that way.  Can I go back inside?  AHh!  AHHH!  Ohh!  Hey, ho!  

(Gabby: Now you'll never escape. 

Huh?  What?  

Gabby: Honey, go back to sleep.  

Why am I in bed with my sister?

Gabby: What are you talking about?  I'm your wife.

But, I--

Gabby: You don't even have a sister.  

I--I--I thought--

Gabby: I'm worried about you.  Why don't you get a glass of milk to calm your nerves?


Hank: Okay.  We're gonna go ahead and call that the end of this episode of Games with Hank, 'cause I'm not sure I can take too much more of this.  Thanks for watching, and if you liked it, there's a button for that.  DFTBA.