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Everyone always asks me why on Earth I live in Montana. Well, a lot of reasons. But an important one is that I have to stay a little bit disconnected from this culture, or I stop being a fan and I start getting competitive. I always want to be a fan...I want to be driven primarily by how much I like the stuff that's getting created, and not by comparing myself to it.

I think a little of both is certainly healthy, but I never want the competitive bit to outweigh the happiness and enthusiasm that comes with being a part of such a cool creative community. A community that is doing brand new stuff and changing media and changing culture and having a really great time, too.

THANKS TO ALL OF THE GREAT PEOPLE IN THIS COMMUNITY. Even as we struggle with how it's grown (and growing), even as some creators have disappointed me and this community, I have been consistently surprised by how many of the people making stuff on the internet are just enthusiastic, driven, good people. And I think audiences have a lot to do with thanks to the communities of all of these people for very intentionally choosing to support and watch creators who don't suck.

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Good Morning John,

Two weeks ago I woke up in LA with a goal of packing in as much Internet creator hang out time as possible. Here is my journal of what I've done so far with all of the sleeping and driving time taken out.

It all began when a certain German DJ came to my Airbnb, then we went to see our friends Greg and Kim, had dinner with John Cozart, went on a walk around Santa Monica, shot Not too Deep with Grace Helbig, had Meghan Camarena and Lee Newton over for dinner --

Lee: Once a year, they all go to the desert and get naked.

-- spent A day with Rhett and Link and shot a Good Mythical Morning, then went out to the launch party for Dysh, an app that's like Yelp but for individual dishes at restaurants that Ingrid, Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah have been working on, shot some stuff at SourceFed, then you came to town and we had dinner --

Hank: Hey, John, what are you talking about?
John: Soccer.

-- shot two Just Between Us's with Gabby and Alison, got a parking ticket --

Hank: So confusing!

-- hung out with Derek from Veritasium, then went to Meghan Tonjes' house to hang out with cool people and watch creepy YouTube videos, chilled a bit with Tyler --

Tyler: I've got a big question for you.
Hank: What?
Tyler: Explain a cloud.

-- then went to the They May Be Giants concert where I ran into Steve Zaragoza from SourceFed, had breakfast with friends, then spent a full day at a collab camp, which is a totally new idea to me, but where I met but where I met a ton of YouTubers, and then had dinner with Jake and Michael of Vsauce, spent a full day at BuzzFeed, where I made a bunch of stuff and talked to a bunch of cool people but only filmed this one clip, shot a thing Google's working on, had lunch with Mayim Bialik, then went to Three Black Dot to talk, shop, and play with the HTC5, then had dinner with MatPat of the Game Theorists, went shopping with Heartbeat and Foxy at The Grove, had a quick chat with Markiplier followed by dinner with Hannah Hart, her sister Maggie, and Mitchell Davis, and I still have so much more to do!

Shooting YouTubers react, recording with the Gilmore Guys and Travis McElroy, more fun, more friends.

John, I am a fan. I'm a careful fan, but once I am a fan I am an unabashed fan. There's an element in my appreciation of other people's work that's more of like, I want to be like them. I want to make things as good as what they make, and I think that's where some of my ambition comes from. But I also just simply enjoy liking them and the things they make. I like liking that stuff.

Sometimes, "I like you" gets caught up with "I want to be like you," but those things are not the same thing and realizing that has been a really big deal for me. I really enjoyed this trip, but I do not want to live in LA because I do not want this fortnight to be normal. I need to be a step away. Being an observational fan is, in a lot of ways, better than being inside. I never want to lose the fan bit, otherwise these last weeks would not have been as invigorating or inspiring as they have.

I am a fan of the things these people create. I am a fan of the fact that the internet has allowed them to do it. I am just so pleased and feel so lucky. I get to be friends with the people I'm fans of, and in one case, I get to be brothers with them too, which maybe makes me the luckiest fan ever.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.