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In which John and Sarah play Wii Tennis, and talk about why they like the TV show Sherlock.

John: Hello and welcome again to Hank games without Hank. But with...
Sarah: Petunia.
John: Petunia. Ugh, so Sarah and I today, are going to fight together while we discuss the television program Sherlock. 
Sarah: That's right.
John: We're going to be fighting Sarah and Elisa.
Sarah: Oh...
John: Our hated enemies.
Sarah: Okay.
John: This is going to be hard with the delay. Usually we'd dominate them.
Sarah: Right. But this, it could be real match.
John: Or even we could get defeated. So you like Sherlock.
Sarah: Yes. Umm, oh there we go. I do like Sherlock. Do you like Sherlock?
John: I like it very much. What I like about it is that I think it's really smart. Obviously it's a really smart show but I think it's- Agh, sorry. That was bad. I apologize. 
Sarah: That's okay.
John: No that's entirely my fault and I humiliated myself.
Sarah: I'm sure I'll make the next error. 
John: Umm, so you were talking- we were watching an episode last night and you were talking about what you liked most about the show is that it umm-
Sarah: Well it makes all the other TV crime dramas seem completely idiotic.
John: Right.
Sarah: Because you know, you watch CSI or the like and it's very easy to figure out. Or you can pretty much figure it out.
John: Right.
Sarah: We also watch The Mentalist. We're not proud.
John: Yeah we're not proud. 
Sarah: But...
John: But crime dramas are sort of built around the idea that you figure it out before the person.
Sarah: Right.
John: And that makes you feel smart.
Sarah: Right.
John: All the cleverness in a contemporary crime drama is in the, most of it's in who dunnit and they don't want it to be too clever like a crossword puzzle maker doesn't want their puzzle to be too hard. 
Sarah: Okay but Sherlock is just brilliant and you don't expect to be as smart as Sherlock.
John: Right.
Sarah: you've got to wait for him to figure it out. 
John: And that liberates you in some ways, when you are making a show to make it a smarter show.
Sarah: I'm just leaving you alone.
John: That was funny. Oh! It was going to be out.
Sarah: I'm sorry.
John: It was going to be out but she was like. No, my favorite part was that she was like no I will humiliate you instead. 
Sarah: Alright.
John: Let's see what we can do here. Come on Petunia. 
Sarah and John: Ohh. 
Sarah: Brutal.
John: This time we didn't even win a point. And it's so unlike our usual.
Sarah: Wow, rocket serve. 
John: What is even happening? I don't even know how to deal with this situation. Come on. Put her in a bad situation and then. Oh. Petunia! I believed in you. 
Sarah: Petunia! I swung. I thought I swung at the right time. 
John: That was probably the only point we were going to get. 
Sarah: This is a terrible failure. 
John: Umm, so we only have about thirty seconds left in this video because we are going to lose so mention anything else you like about Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch isn't ugly. 
Sarah: I actually think he is kinda ugly.
John: You're not into him?
Sarah: I think he's attractive and mysterious and a great Sherlock but I find, like when I see him close up I think he's pretty unattractive. 
John: Did you like him in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? 
Sarah: Umm, I did not see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I read the book.
John: Umm, he plays one of the spies or one of the tailors I can't remember. Oh, come on!
Sarah: Yeah.
John: We're going to lose. Obviously we can't do anymore on this computer. 
Sarah: We can't.
John: Because this is going to be a literal shut out. But I love the relationship between he and Watson. 
Sarah: Yeah.
John: Another thing I like about the show is that they are always referencing- we're not going to win. 
Sarah: Yeah I'm going to take a little break. 
John: So we can have a chat?
Sarah: Yeah.
John: They are always referencing- We just need to compose ourselves. They're always referencing things in the fandom. So they are always paying attention to what fans think. There's so much talk about how no-one will believe John when he says he's not gay. 
Sarah: Right.
John: I like the relationship between the show and its audience. 
Sarah: Right and also the show and the original Sherlock Holmes which is like the recent Hound of the Baskervilles. 
John: Which by the way is like a year old to everyone watching this because everyone else uses torrents. But we just saw it-
Sarah: Because we purchase our media fair and square. 
John: That's right, we don't pirate content. 
Sarah: I just realized we're talking about media while we're consuming media.
John: We're both consuming and creating media while discussing media. 
Sarah: Yeah.
John: This is almost something you could do a contemporary art show about. It's so Meta. Alright, let's lose.
Sarah: Okay. You ready?
John: Time to lose.  Let's get one point for glory. Come on. Yeah! Oh!
Sarah: Agh!
John: Oh, we were so close.
Sarah: Yeah. It's really hard to talk when there's this much pressure.
John: Oh! Look I'm sorry.
Sarah: Green!
John: I thought I had it. 
Sarah: Green! 
John: You know what that was our best point by far. 
Sarah: It was.
John: We're improving. 
Sarah: I think we're going to have to play each other. 
John: Yeah. So tomorrow you'll see us play each other again.
Sarah: Oh...
John: We lose. Merngabern.
Sarah: The disappointment. 
John: Thanks for watching-
Sarah: At least we didn't lose any skill level. 
John: No.
Sarah: Can you go down? 
John: You can I think, I'm not positive. 
Sarah: Okay.
John: I can’t remember. As you can see we didn't play for a long time.
Sarah: No. 
John: That's why our skill level plummeted. Alright thanks for watching. Best wishes.
Sarah: Best wishes.