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In which Hank celebrates Thanksgiving by listing 50 things that he's thankful for.


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Good morning, John.

I like the idea of a lot of things more than I like the actual way that they're done. Like, I like the idea of a national anthem, I just don't like our national anthem.

Bombs! Explosions and war! That's what America's about! It's about explosions and war!

...And there are some things about America that I like more than explosions and war.

Or to take another example, the "Happy Birthday" song. I love that there's a "Happy Birthday" song that we all know the words to, and that is part of our cultural memory. But, I don't like the "Happy Birthday" song, because the "Happy Birthday" song is a bad song!

(sings) Haaaaaappy biiiirthdaaay tooo yOH MY GOD!!!

Just get it over with, so we can get to the cake, 'cause the cake is the part that I really like.

And that's how I feel about a lot of holidays, including Thanksgiving.

I really like the idea of a day in which we just say what we're thankful for. But then, you have to go and mix it up with gorging yourself on four thousand calories of deep fried turkey flesh and beer, and I get very confused about what exactly we're trying to be thankful for here. Are we thankful for gluttony? 'Cause I'm not really feelin' that.

So instead, this Thanksgiving, in true Hank Green style, I am going to give you fifty things that I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for open source software.

2. My new phone, which runs on open source software.

3. YouTube, obviously.

4. Really good design.

5. Thoughtful urban planning.

6. Anyone who is willing to risk their lives to save other people, in whatever way that you're doing that.

7. Chickens, both dead

8. and alive.

9. Just the idea of Wolverine. (holds sharpies between fingers, like wolverine) SHING!

10. The first generation of YouTubers, you all know who you are.

11. Medicine.

12. Peace.

13. Young adult literature.

14. Video games in which the main characters are abnormally adorable. I'm a little bit ashamed of that one, bit it's OK.

15. Video games in which I get to kill people...with guns. I'm even more ashamed of that. Wow.

16. Zombies. But only zombies that dance. So, if you're not dancing zombies, I'm not thankful for you.

17. Being my age and still thinking that farts are funny.

18. And also, having a wife that is my age and also thinks that farts are funny.

19. Investigative journalism.

20. Moore's Law.

21. Carl Sagan.

22. Auto-tuning.

23. Auto-tuning Carl Sagan.

24. xkcd.

25. Consumers producing, instead of consuming.

26. Hot showers.

27. Solar power.

28. Libraries.

29. Teachers.

30. Everyone who buys one of my "This Machine Pwns n00bs" shirts.

31. People who don't think that me selling the things that I've created, through my creative endeavors, is "selling out." I'm not selling pharmaceuticals or handbags or soda pop here, people. I'm selling the stuff that I'm proud of.

32. GPS, also GPS. I'm very thankful for that, especially after my tour.

33. Evolutionary theory. Thank you, Darwin, and all the many people who have continued developing evolutionary theory.

34. Linear time travel into the future, which is what we're all doing. I think it'd be really confusing otherwise.

35. Friends. All my friends.

36. Giraffes, especially giraffes who are mating.

37. My bed.

38. Stars.

39. The application on my phone that lets me finally know what the names of all the constellations are.

40. (whispers) Everyone who votes for us in the Mashable Awards. Link in the sidebar.

41. (holds up cat) My cat. I'm thankful for my cat. (cat meows)

42. Independent comic book companies.

43. The idea of wrapping carbohydrates around any kind of flavored protein, whether that's a peanut butter sandwich, a calzone, a meat pie, or a whatever.

44. Low priced and high quality consumer electronics!

45. The fact that there is clean, cool, drinkable water that pours out of all these holes inside of my house whenever I want it. I'm thankful for that.

46. Bobble John

47. My guitar

48. Nerdfighters and Nerdfighteria. Thank you so much. Hug! (hugs camera)

49. Ze Frank

50. My wife (they kiss, Katherine laughs)

And that's all I wanna do this Thanksgiving. OK, I also wanna eat some food and watch some football, I'll be honest. But other than that, I just want the world to know how thankful I am for this marvelous life that we all get to live. (makes nerdfighter gang sign) DFTBA.