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If you want to see the things I AM thankful for, go here:

But Hanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving, is all about ME! And the things that annoy me. I spend the whole YEAR being thankful. I get one day to complain.


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Hank: Good morning, John. Here I am, once again trying to film my video as the sun is setting. So, the video quality is going to be decreasing as the sun goes down, hopefully I can do this video in a linear fashion, because sometimes when I make a video, there's like, stuff at the end that's chopped to the beginning and stuff from the beginning that's chopped to the end. But if the light is changing rapidly, as it is right now, it becomes very obvious that I am doing that.

So, I told you 50 things I was thankful for yesterday and I am going to tell you, it is now the day before Thanksgiving, which I have to tell you is actually the opposite of Thanksgiving. It's called Hanksgiving and it is the day on which I tell you all the things that annoy the crap out of me. The things I am not thankful for. I am annoyed by the way my fingertips constantly hurt after playing guitar for two weeks straight. Ow. They're hard like little rocks. I am annoyed by people who leave YouTube comments telling me that I have an unsupportable position on the national anthem.

Okay, maybe I didn't say that quite as eloquently as I should have on the last video. My real problem I have with the national anthem now that I have some time to talk about it, is that it is a song about the defense of ideals, not a song about the ideals themselves. I know that we have to defend the ideals, and I do not want to belittle the bravery or sacrifice made by Americans over the last 200 years to protect those ideals. I am just saying what I love about America isn't the fact that we can defend our ideals. Every country defends their ideals, that's the point of a country. But I like that we have good ideals.

Moving on. I am annoyed by every single character on television these days seems to be named Hank. LAY OFF IT TELEVISION WRITERS, THAT'S ENOUGH OF THE HANKS. NO MORE HANKS. I was fine when Hank Hill came on the air. I was even OK with Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo even thought that happened to me in middle school which is not a good time to have a poop named after you. But I am not OK with this--there are three main characters on television right now named Hank. There is Hank Moody of Californication. There is a whole show named Hank and there is this guy named Hank who is apparently a concierge doctor for rich people. I haven't see that one. Then I'm watching a couple of my favorite shows and on Bones, Booth's dad is named Hank, and then this week on House, there is a freakin' porn star named Hank. GIVE ME MY NAME BACK. I'm OK.

I am going to regret this one, but I am annoyed you can't talk about evolution without sparking a gigantic and uninteresting debate in the comments. For reference, see the gigantic and uninteresting debate going on below me right now.

I am annoyed by the fact that my brother who shares this video blog with me, if you are confused about who John is, has 1,000,000 Twitter followers and I have 10,000. What the frick, people. I'm not saying that John isn't cooler than me or that I'm not really happy that I have 10,000 Twitter followers, which seems really ridiculous to me, but there is a little man inside of me who's still got that competitive urge with John. He is my big brother, you know. He is never going to go away. On the same page, I am annoyed that there were 2000 comments left about how to punish me when there were like two comments left about how to punish John. John is getting punished, too, people, please leave comments telling me how to punish my brother down there among the gigantic and uninteresting debate about evolution.

I am annoyed that there is still a part of me that can be annoyed even when I have 50 million things to be thankful for. John, have a very happy Thanksgiving, sorry we couldn't spend it together, I always miss you the most at holidays. And congratulations on Let It Snow, your book with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, for becoming a New York Times bestseller. If you don't have it, this is the time, my friends. It is winter time, Let it Snow is a wonderful winter time romp. I don't even know what the word romp means, but it's a romp. John DFTBA