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Will Grayson now in paperback!
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In which john discusses some of the best stories of nerdfighterlike and gets champagne in his pants. May nerd love continue to spread through the world!


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Good morning Hank; it's Wednesday. As you know, sometimes a Nerdfighter meets another Nerdfighter and they fall in Nerdfighterlike. Well, today I present you with four stories of nerd love in all its many splendors! Let's begin with Phil and TJ. Hank, you may remember that a couple years ago I was part of a Nerdfighter marriage proposal. Nerdfighter flashback! 2009 John: Is Phil there with you, by the way? TJ: Yes he is. 2009 John: Will you marry him? TJ: Holy... yes! 2009 John: Yeaaaaah! Hey, she said yes! Gaaah! 2011 John: So Hank, update! Not only are Phil and TJ happily married, they are expecting their first child! Huzzah! Woah! Woah woah woah! It looks like I got so excited about Phil and TJ's baby that I had an accident. And now I am seated in a pool of cheap champagne. What's new? Anyway Hank, TJ has one of the funniest blogs on the entire internet chronicling this pregnancy with helpful diagrams of her fetus eating its feet and stuff. Check it out, Hank, link in the doobly-doo, although I should note that that blog does contain frank language. I mean, to be fair, it's possible to be pregnant without cursing, but it's definitely not advisable. Story number two! Conner and Amy. God, there is a lot of champagne in my pants right now. Okay, Hank, a boy and his Air Force bear go into the woods. Hold on. Yeah, I thought that sentence might be unprecedented. So a boy and his Air Force bear go into the woods, and they ask Amy to Homecoming. Then the boy submits the picture to Eff Yeah Nerdfighters, they run it, and a few days later she responds: "Dear Conner, Homecoming sounds beautiful. I'll paint my nails electric blue in honor of Alaska." GAH! Hank, it's so cute I can hardly bear it! Get it? Bear it? Because of the bear! I'm drunk, aren't I? I'm drunk because there's champagne in my chair that's traveled into my pants, that's then gone through my skin and into my body. I'm not a scientist, but I believe that's called osmosis. Anyway Hank, they did go to Homecoming, but you know, that was six months ago, which in Nerdfighterlike is a long time, and we all know that every relationship ends, you know: either breakup, divorce, or death. So, the update is THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER! Yes! Story three: My face plus your torso equals Nerdfighterlike. So Hank, I recently got an email from Janice, pictured here, in which she told me that she was wearing her Pizza John shirt in her Elementary Statistics class because, you know, what else are you going to wear to Elementary Statistics? And this boy Andrew walked up to her and said “Are you a Nerdfighter?” and she said “Nah, I just love pizza and men with creeper mustaches”-- No, she said yes, she said "Yes I'm a Nerdfighter." And then he was like “I'm on my way to a GAS meeting. The Gaming and Anime Society? Perhaps you'd like to join me.” And of course she said yes and now they're in Nerdfighterlike. Huzzah! GAS, the Gaming and Anime Society? Couldn't you have called it the Society for Anime and Gaming? SAG? 
Story four: The boy from the bookstore. Okay Hank, so a few weeks ago a Nerdfighter is in a Barnes and Noble in Bel Air, Maryland. She gets to talking to a cute boy, and it turns out that they are both Nerdfighters, but then they go their separate ways without exchanging any kind of contact information! And then this girl writes us and says "Can you please help me track down my Nerdfighter crush?" So listen up! If you are five foot seven, you have brown hair and blue eyes, and you were recently in the Bel Air, Maryland Barnes and Noble talking to a girl about Nerdfighting, let us know. Hank, those are my stories of nerd love. I hope they made you as happy as they made me. Three other things: first, this shiny little number, Will Grayson, Will Grayson just came out in paperback yesterday. If you want to buy it, there's a link to do so in the doobly-doo. Secondly, Nerdfighters, do you have any Nerdfighterlike stories? If so, leave them in comments. And finally Hank, your videos about Haiti continue to be an inspiration to me and to all of Nerdfighteria. To thank you, I have made a three hundred dollar gift to Nerdfighters, if you would like to join me in giving and following our community in Haiti, check out the link in the doobly-doo. It occurs to me that there are a lot of links in the doobly-doo today, but they're all good ones! Hank, I'm gonna go change pants. I'll see you on Friday.