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In which John talks about the challenges of making friends in adulthood, and how he made his first friends after moving to Indianapolis eleven years ago. This video was inspired by Hank's video, How Do Adults Make Friends?

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Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday!
I really liked your video on Friday about how to make friends in adulthood and today I thought I would follow-up with some personal experience on the topic. I like to spend time by myself. like most of my hobbies are things generally done alone: reading, writing, gardening, listening to podcasts, contemplating the relationship between myself and the bacteria that colonize me. And also I get anxious in situations with lots of new people. not primarily because of my mental illness i don't think, but because lots of people find social engagements nervous making, especially when you're going to them alone. And that also means i'm often not like my bets self in those situations, like I'm often self-concious about how much I'm talking or how little or how much I'm sweating or whatever and that makes it difficult to be in the conversation. On the other hand (0:43)