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Anthropological case study of the subspecies Homo sapiens graslii


The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
Emily Graslie

Executive Producer:
Hank Green

Directed, Edited, Animated, and Scored by:
Michael Aranda

I owe Martina Šafusová, Diana Raynes, Katerina Idrik, Barbara Velázquez, Tony Chu, and Seth Bergenholtz so many cookies for helping to provide transcriptions for this video (and many others!)
[intro music plays] Emily: We get them by a variety of means, but none of these mean indicate that we go out and shoot these animals ourselves. Does that make sense? Michael: Nope. Emily: So, you might need to have a federal, state, or local permit to be in possession and collection of- uhhh... Michael: [laughing] Emily: Classes, uhhh. Why? Why? Fifteen minutes to skill- uhhh. I heard a good Star Wars joke the other day. It was how do you know the internal temperature of a tonton? Like from Star Wars? Lukewarm! Neeeeeh. One time I bonded- I hate that I do this all the time! What am I doing? Right now, I'm kinda giving a hand job to this- let's go back. Did you know that at the world taxidermy championship in 2009, a woman from, I think it was Ontario, Canada submitted her piece for the show, which was two bighorn sheep mounted literally mounting each other. This is Elizabeth Depry or Depri. I thought her last name said derpy. Emily Farrell asked "do you still enjoy eating meat after preparing shit?" This allows them to run very efficiency- This allows them- This allows for them to run very efficiency- This allows them to run very efficiency- This allows them to run- This allows- This allows them- This allows for them to run very efficiently over- I don't even know what I'm talking about. Making shit up now, I'm just making shit up. This allows them to run very efficiency. This allows for them to run very efficiency- god damn it. This allows for them to run very efficiency- I can't even, I don't even know the words I'm saying anymore. These guys walk on just the tips of their tingers- tinger and foe bones. I'm gonna have a heart attack. I have to burp again. Michael: That one I got on camera. Emily: Damn it! Gross, ow! Balls. Please don't tell me you were recording that. Michael: Recording what? [outro]