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In which John says good morning Hank in the actual morning to the actual Hank, and then interviews the Mother Green.


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[John] Good morning, Hank.

Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. It's Tuesday.

Hank, good morning, it's Tuesday. It's eleven forty in the morning! Good morning!

Say hello to the Nerdfighters! [Hank] I was reading Scott Westerfeld's Peeps. [J] What did you think? [H] It's very engrossing. Very...very good. [J] It's good, right? Say hello to the Nerdfighters. [H] Hello, Nerdfighters. [J] Give them some of your wisdom. [H] Uhh...

The only problems worth solving are solutions. [J] It seems to me that that's one of those things that sounds profound until you actually break it down, and it means nothing. I think the only solutions worth having are problems. Hank, I wanna say thanks again to you and all of the Nerdfighters for everything that y'all did for my birthday.

I had a great birthday, but more than that, all of those videos and pictures and songs, they helped rejuvenate my awesome, which is really important right now, because I'm working like mad on Paper Towns. I've only got a couple weeks left before I'm gonna turn it in. And it's because I'm so grateful to you for restoring my awesome levels that I'm not getting mad at you for the fact that you don't get up until two o'clock in the afternoon.

Hank, you're like a raccoon. Actually, right now, I think you are awake. You're just Ecogeeking.

Hank, speaking of Ecogeeking, everyone in my pants wants to know the difference between what a nerd and a geek is. I don't really know the answer to that question but I'm hoping that together with the help of the Nerdfighters we can figure one out. Okay, Hank, I just talked to Mom and she said that she's kind of upset that yesterday Dad got to be in a video so now she wants to be in a video, so here's Mom! [J] You're on Brotherhood 2.0! [Mom] That's pretty exciting! [J] Yeah!

Oh, we're incredibly famous. [M and Katherine laugh] [J] What are talking, what are you laughing at, Katherine? [K] You are famous. Everyone knows who you are. [M] You're very famous. You know, I keep saying to people I meet, young people I meet in the airport or walking down the street, I ask them, you know, if they know anything about Nerdfighters and you know what they always tell me? ...

And that's what they always tell me. But I keep hoping. And I keep plugging away waiting for a Nerdfighter to, you know, give me the sign that they know what a Nerdfighter is. [J] Can you show me the sign?

Can you do it? [M] Ha, I don't know, let me see. I have to practice. [J] Nerdfighters! That was awesome! [M] Hahaha, okay go away now. [J] Mom is such a Nerdfighter, Hank.

I'll see you tomorrow. Well, actually I'll see you when I walk down the hall. But, I mean, I'll see you on Youtube tomorrow.