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In which Hank discusses the weather channel, Mental_floss, t-shirts, and John leaving.


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Good morning John, it's Tuesday, June 19th! (singing) I'm back in the basement again! I'm back in the basement again! I'm mostly underground and you can't hear a sound, 'cause I'm back in the basement again! (speaking) It's pretty comfortable down here. I, uh, made a little nest for myself. Where I can nuzzle up. And, uh, come down here when it's too hot outside. (singing) And I'm back in the basement again. (speaking) But I don't envy you, having to move out of your house... Having to leave your little studio. I wonder what's gonna to be in the background of all your new videos?! Is it still gonna be your bookcase? Or are you gonna do it somewhere else? Maybe Brotherhood 2.0 viewers would like a change of setting every once in awhile. I mean, for a while people were, you know, impressed by my map of the realm of Narnia, and my floating bookshelves back there. But now nobody talks about that anymore. Maybe I should start filming upstairs! in my bedroom! with the cat. At the Missoula skate park. Maybe some more from downtown Missoula, or... from Target. You know, on-location. Not today, though. But I'd be interested if people had suggestions. So what's the news, you ask? Oh let me tell you. There's news. There's this news. You might not be impressed with this kinda stuff John anymore, but it's still very exciting for me. I can go to Barnes & Noble and be like, hey, I wrote this. That's me. People will gasp, "You're--famous!" Just like that: "Famous!" And I'll saaay... you don't know the half of it. The other day, I was wearing my "Brotherhood 2.0 in my pants" shirt, and a lady came up and asked me about it. I thought that was actually kind of brave of her? I mean, would *you* go up to somebody who had a t-shirt like that? I mean, I've seen a lot of weird t-shirts in my time, but I don't generally walk up to people and ask them what they're about. There's an idea for a project: asking people about their t-shirts. Gotta find someplace public with lots of t-shirts, and be like, What the- It's the future! He saw it and it's going to crush him! A lot of times there's no explaining. I mean, talking to strangers is fun, right? As long as the t-shirt doesn't say something like, "Don't talk to me about my t-shirt or I will put forks in you!" THAT would be an amazing t-shirt. Other news! I was on the Weather Channel. I mean, I knew that they had recorded me for the Weather Channel, but then suddenly I was actually *on* the Weather Channel. I missed it, but it will be on again, several times. The show is called "Forecast Earth"... I believe. The particular episode is entitled something about hotness. Heat. Global heat, heating up? Heat or heaters. Space heater... Space heater? Probably not. It starts out, I think with John Kerry, and I'm at the very end. But that's definitely my first national television appearance, and I'm pretty sure that they mentioned Brotherhood 2.0. Hoo hah! Hoo hah! Anyhow, I talked to the Yeti this afternoon, and she and John were in the moving truck, leaving New York. Actually, trying to get out of the city, while in a moving truck, which I'm sure can't be very easy. So, let us all get together, and say lucky lucky lucky-lucky-lucky-lucky woo! Good luck getting out of the city and getting to Indianapolis, good luck moving into your new house, good luck doing a video tomorrow, while moving into your new house, 'cause that's gonna suck. And thanks for your video, it always *sucks* leaving a good place. I hope I don't have to do it anytime soon... I'll see you tomorrow. I hope.