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Hank and Katherine and Stefan take on some icy BS!

Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine and Stefan play Super Mario Wii U...whatever.

Stefan: Woop!

Katherine: New Super Mario Brothers U!

H: That's what it's called. And, uh, we may have missed a couple of epi--a couple of levels you might might not have seen because we had audio problems. But we're just gonna keep goin'.

K: Mmhmm.

H: Cause...cause.

K: That's how we do.

H: Yup. Stefan introduce yourself.

S: Hi, I'm Stefan.

H: Give me more.

S: Um...

K: (laughs)

S: I'm half Asian and I'm have Yugoslavian. I...

H: Wow that's an interesting mix.

S: Thanks.

H: How many half Asian half Yugoslavians do you think there are?

S: Um, not many. But there is someone else named Stefan Chin. Um, and I saw them--they wrote into a Sesame Street magazine. And...

H: (laughs) When you were a child?

K: (laughs) And you saw this when you were--

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: Six

S: So...

K: (laughs)

H: So is that your--

S: I wonder where that person is now.

H: But there is at least one other...

S: There's at least one other...

H: Yugoslavian Asian

S: Yeah

K: Oh! Well there's also...

S: Oh there's also--someone took which...

H: No, I mean Yugoslavian Asian. I was talking about...

S: Oh yeah! I know.

H: Okay.

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: I am aware of the thing you were trying to mean.

K: (laughs)

H: (laughs)

K: I was talking about something else.

H: Yeah.

K: Ah...yeah let's play this level: The Prickly Goombas. Exclamation point.

H: There are other, uh, there are other Hank Green's.

S: Yeah

K: Yeah

H: Back, back before I was, uh--I was, I was, uh...

K: So slippery

H: All over the Googles.

K: Yeah get it Hank.

H: I, uh...

K: No! Flames!

H: I was competing

K: Slippery flames! Nurgles Ohh! (laughs)

H: I was, I was telling a story about Googling...

S: (laughs)

H: guys.

K: Grrrrr...

H: Out of my way you little peach toad

S: (laughs) Hey!

K: He's always going the way...

S: Look at my hat

H: (laughs)

S: I'm very fashionable.

H: Look at my hat. Aahh! What that freakin' giant...

K: Take a look at my hat!

S: Oh.

K: My bus--aww! Goombas!

H: My business hat?

S: My bis--my bis

K: Yeah my business hat.

H: Take a look at my...

K: (screams)

H: Woah!

K: Oh! I jumped right into it! Goddammit, I suck.

H: Oh! What just happened? I just lucked out.

K: Oh, nice job! Butt buh buh bay. Nice-uh job-buh, buh-bay! Ooooh, gargle.

H: Oh hoo, wow.

S: Bweh

H: Aahh! Heh heh. I can't, you gotta be a penguin.

K: (laughs)

S: Wha?

K: Yeah, if you were a penguin, that'd be... that'd be really helpful.

H: Penguins have...

S: Oh, come on.

H: You gotta just run forever. Ugh. Except when...

K: Penguins ummmm... (straining noises)

H: They let you have the grippy feet. They have grippy feet.

K: They're not as slippery.