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In which John and Hank Green discuss many firsts--including their first concerts, their first broken bones, the first books we loved, commenting FIRST on YouTube videos, and the first time we saw snow.

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John: Good morning Hank it's Tuesday


J: Oh, some kind of reunion video?!

H: Hi

J: Okay Hank, this is a very special edition of question Tuesday in which I ask you questions that contain the word "first".

H: Just like that "first comment" does.

J: That's actually my first question, how do you feel about people writing "first" in the comments of YouTube videos?

H: It used to bother me John.

J: It doesn't bother me, in fact every time I am first-

H: Yeah, right.

J: - I can't stop myself.

H: It used to bother me until I was first on a video and I was like I have to- I want to do this. 

J: Hank do you remember the first movie that made you cry?

H: American Tale. 

J: I think it was American Tale. Hank what are your best first aid tips?

Both: *laugh*

H: Call a doctor!

J: No! No! Apply pressure to the wound!

H: What if there's no wound? Just apply pressure! Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

J: *laughing* I can confirm that's unpleasant. Do not touch the couch under any circumstances. This is an incredibly delicate set up we've got, it is not particularly straight.  Hank, what is the first book you fell in love with?

H: Uh, Jurassic Park!

J: Really?

H: Yeah.

J: Ugh.

H: Possibly the sequel?

J: The Lost World?

H: Yeah!

J: Wow. Really?

H: I loved it so much!

J: Oh. For me it was Gus is a Bug. What was your first broken bone?

H: I think one of these (shows fingers)

J: Incorrect!

H: Oh, you remember?

J: I do.

H: What was it?

J: You fell out of a tree house and you broke your arm.

H: No I did not!

J: You did.

H: I did not. 

J: You definitely did. 

H: Call mum!

J: okay

H: *on the phone with their mum* Did I ever fall out of a tree mum? Do you ever remember me breaking a bone falling out of a tree?

J: A tree house! A tree house!

Mum: No. John fell out of a tree house. 

J: Who did?

Mum: John!

J: OH!

H: You fell out of a tree house?

J: That's a memory of myself!

H: *laughing* that's funny how brains work!

J: Hank, what was your first concert?

H: I think it was probably They Might Be Giants?

J: I think it was They Might be Giants, I remember it. You were young, you were like eleven!

H: Okay, you were there?

J: Yeah!

H: My first concert may have been the B-52s now that I'm thinking about it. 

J: Uh, I think the B-52s opened for the Violent -

Both: The Violent Femmes opened for the B-52s

J: Hank, do you remember the first time you saw snow fall?

H: I remember the first time I saw snow on the ground, in Alabama and I was like 'There it is! It's a thing!'

J: The first time I saw snow fall I was fully like nine or ten years old, and I was astonished because I thought snowflakes were like the ones you make in elementary school.

H: Like, cut out?!

J: Yeah, I thought they were about that big.

H: I thought they were made up. I thought they were a made up idea and I saw a snowflake and I was like *gasps* it's the shape!

J: Yeah. I thought that about moonlight, I thought that uh- 

H: I also thought that about- this is weird, cause we lived in streetlight central so the first time you have a shadow cast by the moon you're like 'What?! What's casting that shadow?!'

J: I was like 'does this mean I'm a werewolf?' I thought moonlight was like passenger pigeons, like something that had a time that had passed. 

Both: *laugh*

H: It's just over somehow?

J: Yeah! Hank, do you remember your first tweet? Don't worry I already wrote it down in case you don't remember.

H: It was probably like 'I'm starting up twitter now let's see how that goes!'

J: No that was my first tweet.

Both: *laugh*

J: Your first tweet was in June of 2007, back on your EcoGeek handle and it was um, 'Writing up some stories for Ecogeek, wondering when Google will buy Twitter." Oh, if only they had. 

H: Yeah, I mean it still kind of makes sense. 

J: *sarcastically* But Google has such a successful existing social network in Google+. Hank, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

H: It's the first time I've had all of these cells. It's the first time that, uh, I've probably ever worn this outfit. 

J: Do you know the last time you'll do something for the first time?

H: Ay yai yai!

J: *whispering* death. Okay, DFTBA I will see you-

H: Right now..

J: I'll continue to see you.. yeah..