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Oculus Rift, TECHNOLUST: Today Hank Green travels to the future with the virtual reality Oculus Rift!
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Game Played:
Hank Green: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank.  I'm gonna play a game called Technolust today, though as far as I can tell, there's, it's not romantic in any way.  This is my dog, Lemon.  She's decided to hang out while we record.  It's in the Oculus, and yeah.  I don't know how it's going to go.  But hopefully it will go.  We thought briefly about letting Lemon play, but uh, we thought maybe that would be abuse.  So we're not gonna do it.

Oh-kay, we are in the world of Technolust.  We've got a Guy Fawkes mask and an Oculus and a TV and a dentist light.  Oh, wow, we are in the future, but somehow they still have the Gen-1 Oculus.  So that's weird.  I got some energy drinks, I dunno why, I'm taking those, some bread, sure, takin' some bread.  I'm gonna leave the Guy Fawkes mask.  

One new message, secure access required, disable up-links to continue.  Okay.  Okay, I need some appropriate tools.  I dunno, maybe that's an appropriate tool.  Who knows?  I see a soda machine, so I'm gonna go get a soda.  I assume that that's what that means I should do.  Oh, thanks for the soda.  Hello, dog intestines.  Ooh, that's creepy.  Stranger watch woman, oh, hello, does that mean I can now disable this?  Yeah!  Excellent.  Doom-doom-chak-chaka-chaka-doom-chak-chaka-doom-chak-chaka-chakoo-chak.  Yeah.  Take that, up-link.  Think.  Again.  Oculus logo.  Yeah, eat that, lady.  Well, I'm glad they have this nice thing on so I can tell where they are.  

Okay, that's everything, right?  Okay, thanks.  Oh.  Okay.  That's creepy.  Yeah, decompress it.  Well.  Okay.  Periodic table there, sure, why not? Connect enough of the required components, what?  Collect enough of the required components.  Collect.  Oh, neat.  Everybody's going to work, the daily grind continues.  More aluminum required.  Well, I have lots of aluminum.  Yeah, yeah, excellent.  Okay.  Ooh, do it, print my schematic, alright.  What's that?  Oh.  Okay.  Ooh, ahh, I don't like that, I don't like it.  That makes me feel nauseated.  

Okay.  Oh, is it this guy up here?  Yeah.  Oh, yeahhhh.  Hooo, the, hoooo.  Okay, I kinda didn't hear what you said.  It went out of the door, 'cause it was no longer secure.  Hah-hah.  Negative, I am a meat popsicle.  We gotta find a way out, huh?  What about this, what's this?  Oh, that's not good.  Ready?  Yeahhh, let's play a game, yeahh, that's makin' me, oh man, oh God, whoo, okay.  Sure.  Well, let's fix that, right?  Welcome.  Okay.  That's right, it's nothing I can't handle! 

Okay, you're waiting for me?  Alright.  What should I do?  What should I do?  Oh, good, a door opened, well, why not?  Ooh.  You know, I bet we can.  To all Corp-Sec employees, Corporate wants to keep a close eye on all on-site ad-boards.  There have been several reports of vandalism in the area.  Also note a new law has been passed banning civilian use of E.M. blocking devices including wire cages, metal foils, and "EM-blast" schematics.  Okay.  Let's check the trash here, 'cause that seems--seems to want me to do that.  

Okay, apparently, so I prop--uh, did I open something somewhere else?  'Cause everything in here looks the same.  Yup, other door is open.  Let's go in there.  One work order.  Click here to send.  Yes.  Where's that, is that in the other room?  This is not secure, this is bad security, if you're ever wondering how to use really bad security.  This is it.  This is making me naus---more nauseated than previous Oculus games have.  Alright.  

Okay.  Whoo, I'm feelin' a little dizzy!  Let me out of here.  Oh God, oh God, that was terrible.  Alright, waste hatch, let's go.  Alright.  O--my--oh God, when it doesn't move with my head, that's really terrible.  Ohh, outside.  Whooa, that thing's scary.  And also neat.  Whoa.  Ah-hah-hah.  Okay, where would that be?  Where's the arcade, I don't know where the arcade is, I know nothing about where we are, woman!  This is not my hometown!  This is creepy.  I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Okay, where's the arcade?  This is pretty nice, like, this is a good experience, this is a more complex game than I've played so far on the Oculus.  Ohh, neat!  Neat, neat.  Is this the arcade?  Alley Drive-In and Arcade, okay.  Oh, nooo, it's not accessible in the demo version!  I played the whole game!  

That was fun.  And interesting and neat and sort of the first, like, I dunno, like, a little bit gettin' into the story, future, 3-D printing a visual implant, and uh, yeah, dystopian hacker cyber punk kinda thing going on, which is nice.  Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  Oculus, man.  It's cool for me, I hope it is for you, too.  DFTBA.